The WORKBENCH part 3

(Gijs Mos) #264

Have received mine yesterday @BoRRoZ . Attached one on a sheet of metal (old DVD internal drive) with the built-in magnet and connected it to the analyser.
Wee bit above 50 ohms and SWR of about 1.5. Have seen them a lot worse.




all parts finally arrrived… now see if I can get a usable wireless image on an RPI


no worries… cheap jammers don’t work :wink:


Cooling fins clogged with dust?


Possible … I have seen real smoke and something smelled burned inside that card, capacitor ?
don’t know… he couldn’t wait for a repair and went straight to a nearby shop for a new one, computer worked again and he left the old card here 'to ‘fix’ / sell, I didn’t had time to look at it further :sunglasses:


Speaking about capacitors and smoke: I made a minor mod to my (old) car radio yesterday for which I (also) added a small step down converter to power a 5V bluetooth receiver. As extra I added a 470 uF capacitor to the converter’s output. I rotated one of it’s legs a bit to make it fit more nicely (which probably made it shortcut internally, which I only became aware of after powering it…).

When switching the modded radio on the capacitor exploded with a bang and smoke was coming out on all sides of the radio. The fragments (mainly paper fibers) had ‘nicely distributed’ inside the radio (but were easy to clean luckily).
The radio survived, but the converter and bluetooth receiver did not. Output of the step down converter was now the same as it’s input, 12+V (which the BT receiver could not handle). :roll_eyes:

Lesson learned: never rotate the pins of an (electrolytical) capacitor - not even a tiny bit.


really happy to hear the doorbell ring… is was not the antenna analyzer but the tiny 44,- euro lab power supply 0-30v 10A :rofl:



first impression… not bad :wink:
I’m gonna use it as a ‘dedicated’ LiPo battery charger

Full Arduino Mini LoraWAN below 1uA Sleep Mode



no batteries included :wink:

what you really need and what’s missing in the set is this :



Always handy to have at home :grinning:


sure… boxes full, but not the right one :wink:
temp solution… no problem




of course you’re gonna test all the antennas in the house with your new toy :sunglasses:

(Jeff Uk) #282

Please tell me you haven’t got that ttn GW powered without an ant connected…after all the advise you & I dole out?! :scream:


just a few minutes seconds :roll_eyes: Jeff

(Jeff Uk) #284

Just long enough for a couple of dozen join ack to be tx’ing then…so that’s ok :thinking: :rofl: am sure you will be ok… :man_shrugging:

(Jeff Uk) #286

Started testing periodic average power consumprion on the TTIG at weekend…its low power suggests good for repackaging as small scale Solar powered install.

USB power meter will not be greatest for accuracy but easy test and gives good order of magnitude for testing/comparing gateways. I obviously don’t see details or spikes in power but have noted that when ‘quiet’ the reading is approx 0.25/0.26A, occasionally peaking at around 0.31/0.32A or 0.35/0.36A suggesting when WiFi or LoRa Tx’ing?

Have 3 TTIGs collocated on bench for testing and another deployed at a local office for range tests…5th going to be registered later today.



TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway

that’s very low… would be a perfect base to build a mobile/4g gateway,
just add a dc-dc converter ( a solar to 5V ?) and a huawei E5573 MiFi Router :wink:


(Jeff Uk) #288

With different 3G/4G Wifi/cellular modem backhaul that’s basically what I have been using at a number of sites with Laird GW’s (previous lowest power average) or RAK831+RPi0W’s (Pilots use 3B/3B+ and therefore too high powered!). With the solar installs most of the Solar Controllers I have been using not only have 12V output but have 1 or 2 USB ports also - so fast/easy build and config! :slight_smile:

Once the TTIGs proven will be adapting a couple for external Ant’s and have already proven will fit nicely in some of my ‘Owl’s’ :wink:

Just crunching sample range test data and power consumption pictures taken over last couple of days and will post later to the TTIG thread…





bad idea to buy an empty solar power bank enclosure for an outdoor tracker.
not enough room inside and my guess : its NOT waterproof :sunglasses: