The WORKBENCH part 3

Somehow DAMPING SMOKE :fire: comes to my mind…
:scream: :wink:

(For the non-Dutch: accu = battery)

1 Like is the same company :sunglasses:

I ordered a sealed lead acid battery there last year.
That one at least will not catch fire. :smile:


I am also curious about the shorter one (5/8). Another forum member wrote that this one is good.

yes, I have to test of course but I think its ok

regarding the smaller one … only one left :wink:


and gone :sunglasses:

So for my first ‘POE’ gateway I need to buy a 10 meter UTP cable

Anything special needed here, cause its will be for most part outdoors and I’m a newbie ?

Did you do at first a seach on google ?? “Outdoor UTP Cable” :sunglasses:

you’ve waited very very long for this ‘opportunity’ didn’t you… enjoy :rofl:

Hi @BoRRoZ, I think that there’s 3 main matters to consider:

The connector types? Is is RJ45 (which is not weatherproof) or one of the industrial type connectors like M12 which can be IP67 rated?

The connector location? Is the connector inside an enclosure or on the outside of an enclosure or is the system pre-built for this (like a LORIXOne outdoor gateway)?

The cable path? Is the cable buried or exposed to UV or saltwater? Are there a lot of rodents in the area? If the cable has to go through a compression gland then it must have a hard circular cross-section and you must be able to get the cable end through the gland or you have to cut and re-terminate the cable.

As you get tired of saying to people on the forum; “please post the source code and we’ll try to help”.

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tnx… do you need the source code of that gateway ?

its exposed to UV … from router indoors to terras to roof

basically I only wanted to know if I have to replace that blue UTP indoor cable
but I will google that :wink:

No… just the physical world equivalent of source code. H/w model nos. Photos of equipment. Photos of location. Names of any mice known to frequent the area.

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’ theresa ’

yep… you’re right I just discover now :open_mouth:

Here’s 4 ethernet cables types that I use regularly:


Left is regular office cable with a loose outer sheath (no use for cable entry glands). UTP
Left-centre is regular outdoor ethernet, hard round cable, chunky connector, UV resistant. Also UTP.
Right-centre is light-industrial braid-armoured. Now SFTP (Shielded and foil-wrapped twisted pair). resistant to physical problems and EMI.
Right is heavy-industrial and military single-wire-armoured. Needs an angle-grinder to cut. Takes about 1/2 a day to terminate.

I think you probably need left-centre taking care over cable entry, etc.

yes tnx, militairy specs is a bit TOO much I think :sunglasses:

I just found that it’s best to use cat 6 so I make the cable myself

Hello BoRRoZ,

I should always use " CAT5e F/UTP outdoor installatiekabel"
And reconnect the RJ45 Connector’s and use one RJ45 krimpconnector voor F/UTP / S/FTP at the gateway side. So it will be earth from the outside.

tnx… but then I need special ‘krimp’ tools for that connector ?

In most off all RJ45 connector’s you use the same crimping tool.
And it is also easier to go outside 6-8 mm or 15-17 mm for cable including connector.

found some ‘outdoor’ cable 8)7