The WORKBENCH part 3

(Jezd) #103


I do love VS Code, I’m able to have all my different devices code within one workspace inc their drivers etc, then within a single project I can park ongoing test code by renaming it whilst having my live main.cpp code up and running.

(Amedee) #104

As I was curious, I did give it a try as they say it is a ‘lightweight’ editor…
…Well it is just not doable on my 10 year old computer where I do everything else :roll_eyes:

I stick to VIM or Eclipse (which runs remarkably good on old hardware)


receiving the same packet

A - indoor GP - rak831 gw
B - outdoor 3 Dbi - TTN gw

(Jeff Uk) #106

Where is the node relative to the GW’s? Are the GW’s collocated just Indoor vs Outdoor Ant location different?


Conclusion: You have got a high noisefloor indoors.


really ?.. did you see the SF 12 … that node is not very close.:
I was supprised to see only that little bit difference in signal, but maybe you’re right :wink:


uh… I don’t know … it’s not mine :sunglasses:

(Amedee) #110

I was considering using Home Assistant to control some stuff at home (TTN unrelated), so I wanted to see if I could easily integrate LoRaWan sensors in the dashboard…


There is an existing TTN component, but it relies on the storage integration and poll to get data; not something I wanted to do.

But it can be achieved very easily by bridging the TTN MQTT broker and the HAss one; all your sensor data is then readily available through the MQTT Sensor component!



(Remko) #112

Progress update on my educational nodes: #happy




Cheap and simple LoRa Node for schoolproject

looking great !

(Gry Kyo) #114

I ordered a bunch of these. Would have been very useful on a job I am doing now using some of those 5volt, M18 photoswitches and a 433mhz key phob/receiver also 5volt on an ESP32. I used 3.3v Zeners to clamp the input pin voltage but would have been so much neater and easier with these!


Whats on my workbench today? Well this puppy.


I have the deaf ic880A board from my gateway (link) laying around and thought it was a pitty not to use it any more. The sensitivity isn’t that great (aprx 22 dB deaf) so absolute not usable for a outdoor gateway, but for demonstrations, workshops and lectures it is still usable. So I ordered a protype of the V1.1 CH2I board, grabbed a old RPI3 and loaded it with the gateway software. After a bit of compiling, configurating and tweaking it was up and running.

Now I’m going to hunt for a nice small suitcase which will hold the GW and a few demo nodes.




indeed something like that :slight_smile:

Edit : and of-course I should think about a few demo nodes.

  1. TTN BME280 enviromental node
  2. TTN doorbell node
  3. TTN TrashBin sensor node
  4. TTN Track&Trace node

Any other cool idea’s?

(M2mlorawan) #118

This is my ESP32 Wroom and RFM95 PCB. Expect to get the PCB in a few days for testing. Hope it will work fine. Can anyone suggest a new LDO to replace LM1117? I am looking for a super low quiescent current LDO that can supply up to 800mA.
Finished product is expected to be sold at

M2M Shop


BIG product placement allowed topic



coming soon in THE REVIEW : MEK-D8945AL

coming soon in THE REVIEW : LTH5200

(Jeff Uk) #121

Baby brother to the GW Owls…mini Owl in test/dev to be based on RAK 5205 trio tracker/sensor board- potentially with wireless charging as option vs USB, main power will be a small LiPo (as used for small drones)


(Jeff Uk) #122

Two great excuses for staying at the office/workbench today so I can stream the TTN Conf live and watch news as it comes in! :slight_smile:

1st a new packaged arrived from Farnell yesterday :thinking: -

Oh joy! Another Laird GW…TTN GW #25 here we come! :slight_smile:

2nd I need to carry on prototyping around another variant of the RAK 5205 Trio Tracker as used with the mini Owl…this time the SMA version - which is too big for the current builds of plastic…hummm what can I use? :thinking: :tada:




And with enough space inside for an 18650 battery shield! :slight_smile:


:thinking: Hummm… :thinking:


@kenyu @rakwireless Guess I’ll just have to order some more 5205 Trios! :smile:

(More tins in workshop also…)