The WORKBENCH part 3


I do love VS Code, I’m able to have all my different devices code within one workspace inc their drivers etc, then within a single project I can park ongoing test code by renaming it whilst having my live main.cpp code up and running.

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As I was curious, I did give it a try as they say it is a ‘lightweight’ editor…
…Well it is just not doable on my 10 year old computer where I do everything else :roll_eyes:

I stick to VIM or Eclipse (which runs remarkably good on old hardware)

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receiving the same packet

A - indoor GP - rak831 gw
B - outdoor 3 Dbi - TTN gw

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Where is the node relative to the GW’s? Are the GW’s collocated just Indoor vs Outdoor Ant location different?

Conclusion: You have got a high noisefloor indoors.

really ?.. did you see the SF 12 … that node is not very close.:
I was supprised to see only that little bit difference in signal, but maybe you’re right :wink:

uh… I don’t know … it’s not mine :sunglasses:

I was considering using Home Assistant to control some stuff at home (TTN unrelated), so I wanted to see if I could easily integrate LoRaWan sensors in the dashboard…


There is an existing TTN component, but it relies on the storage integration and poll to get data; not something I wanted to do.

But it can be achieved very easily by bridging the TTN MQTT broker and the HAss one; all your sensor data is then readily available through the MQTT Sensor component!



Progress update on my educational nodes: #happy





looking great !

I ordered a bunch of these. Would have been very useful on a job I am doing now using some of those 5volt, M18 photoswitches and a 433mhz key phob/receiver also 5volt on an ESP32. I used 3.3v Zeners to clamp the input pin voltage but would have been so much neater and easier with these!

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Whats on my workbench today? Well this puppy.


I have the deaf ic880A board from my gateway (link) laying around and thought it was a pitty not to use it any more. The sensitivity isn’t that great (aprx 22 dB deaf) so absolute not usable for a outdoor gateway, but for demonstrations, workshops and lectures it is still usable. So I ordered a protype of the V1.1 CH2I board, grabbed a old RPI3 and loaded it with the gateway software. After a bit of compiling, configurating and tweaking it was up and running.

Now I’m going to hunt for a nice small suitcase which will hold the GW and a few demo nodes.



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indeed something like that :slight_smile:

Edit : and of-course I should think about a few demo nodes.

  1. TTN BME280 enviromental node
  2. TTN doorbell node
  3. TTN TrashBin sensor node
  4. TTN Track&Trace node

Any other cool idea’s?

This is my ESP32 Wroom and RFM95 PCB. Expect to get the PCB in a few days for testing. Hope it will work fine. Can anyone suggest a new LDO to replace LM1117? I am looking for a super low quiescent current LDO that can supply up to 800mA.
Finished product is expected to be sold at

M2M Shop


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coming soon in THE REVIEW : MEK-D8945AL

coming soon in THE REVIEW : LTH5200

Baby brother to the GW Owls…mini Owl in test/dev to be based on RAK 5205 trio tracker/sensor board- potentially with wireless charging as option vs USB, main power will be a small LiPo (as used for small drones)



Two great excuses for staying at the office/workbench today so I can stream the TTN Conf live and watch news as it comes in! :slight_smile:

1st a new packaged arrived from Farnell yesterday :thinking: -

Oh joy! Another Laird GW…TTN GW #25 here we come! :slight_smile:

2nd I need to carry on prototyping around another variant of the RAK 5205 Trio Tracker as used with the mini Owl…this time the SMA version - which is too big for the current builds of plastic…hummm what can I use? :thinking: :tada:




And with enough space inside for an 18650 battery shield! :slight_smile:


:thinking: Hummm… :thinking:


@kenyu @rakwireless Guess I’ll just have to order some more 5205 Trios! :smile:

(More tins in workshop also…)

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