Things Gateway - offline

Hi, I’ve got a things gateway connected to a mifi device and it runs well. This gateway will eventually be unattended so I’ve also got a node that simply pushes a packet every 10 minutes. I can’t check the actual gateway other than looking at the console but I can write some code to notify me if a packet is not received, this will prompt me to check the status and fix as appropriate.

Occasionally the gateway goes offline even though the mifi is still fully available. The gateway eventually reconnects itself. This is happening at least once a day and for up to an hour. There are 2 issues.

1 - it goes off line so nodes won’t be able to send packets.

2 - while it is off line the gateway sets itself in AP mode so I guess someone could reconfigure the gateway. This is less important as the gateway will be locked away with the mifi device.

Has anyone got any suggestions?