Toronto & GTA Team


Let's set up a grassroots LPWAN LoRa in Toronto & GTA. Have RN2903 and DRF1278DM ranging experiments in progress. Anyone want to be in on LoRaWAN gateway? We are 2 engineers with experience in RFID and telecom.


interested in making lora more popular in to. also in general meeting lora people and discussing business opportunities. software engineer for a very long time. old school.

this board is amazingly user-UNfriendly. such a pain to use, aint even funny... registered only in hope of connecting to others interested in lora in to.

(Once2go) #3

Hello guys)
I'm Denys, from Ukraine, now live in Toronto) 5y software dev. 3+ android dev
Hobbies: embedded, sys. engineering, iot.
Education: broadband, tv&radio equipment
Will be glad join the team of LpWan, LoraW for experiments and help.
contact me please

(Vseta) #4

VSETA is based in GTA area.

Feel free to write to us at contact@vseta.con to grab a coffee and discuss LoRA network and it's applications.