Toronto & GTA Team

Let’s set up a grassroots LPWAN LoRa in Toronto & GTA. Have RN2903 and DRF1278DM ranging experiments in progress. Anyone want to be in on LoRaWAN gateway? We are 2 engineers with experience in RFID and telecom.

interested in making lora more popular in to. also in general meeting lora people and discussing business opportunities. software engineer for a very long time. old school.

this board is amazingly user-UNfriendly. such a pain to use, aint even funny… registered only in hope of connecting to others interested in lora in to.

Hello guys)
I’m Denys, from Ukraine, now live in Toronto) 5y software dev. 3+ android dev
Hobbies: embedded, sys. engineering, iot.
Education: broadband, tv&radio equipment
Will be glad join the team of LpWan, LoraW for experiments and help.
contact me please

VSETA is based in GTA area.

Feel free to write to us at contact@vseta.con to grab a coffee and discuss LoRA network and it’s applications.

is the Toronto community active at all? It seems to me like it’s dead. I sent a message to the person listed as the core member, with no response after 10 days. I also sent a message to someone else who appeared to have a gateway 1 km from me. No response there either, and the next day his gateway disappeared from the map! I’ve got my gateway running in Riverdale, but the range seems to be roughly 0.6 km. I was expecting 1 km but I suppose I’ll have to put an antenna outside when it warms up here.


Hi Mark,

I looked at the community page but indeed there seems not much activity, however its a big community on paper.
maybe contact the initiator here ?

Hi BoRRoz,

thanks for the response. I didn’t know that person was the initiator. Oddly, they don’t even have a gateway or a physical address listed for their company. I sent a message to the person who originally posted here, maybe he’ll respond.