Trouble with packet propagation from Network to Application Server

I am experimenting a issue with a lots of sodaq boards that are under testing.
Uplink packets are being received in the network server but are not propagated to the application server.
Until the last Sunday, august 4, all work fine, but now packets only are being displayed on the Gateway --> Traffic and are not being routed to the application server.
I have two gateway connected to TTN, one [eui-7276ff003903003e] and other [eui-7276ff002e0602b0]. Both uses meshed-router but the Application named “aplicacion_demo_1” uses ttn-handler-brazil . This setup was selected due meshed-router as no integration and ttn-handler-brazil has integrations with cayenne, datastorage and other.

I comment on this detail, because it is a subject that I do not have completely clear, it took me quite a while to let it work in this way combined with two different routers in the gateway and application, but until last week it worked correctly. Perhaps there is a more efficient way to relate the gateway, the application and the different integrations.

I hope you can help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance.



For example, if I create a second application, called “aplicacion_demo_2” and select the meshed-handler router, to be consistent with the gateway, and frecuency plan (AU915) used in Argentina, when I try to add integrations, i get this message:
There are no integrations for application aplicacion_demo_2.

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So, I finally select as handler ttn-handler-brazil, but with this configuration, packets are not being propagated from network to application.

Thanks in advance.

Traffic in the gateway

same traffic in the application, only the joins are being displayed