Trying to "re-claim" old indoor gateway


I have an older indoor gateway. I am not sure who had administered it before.
It was most likely claimed before.
I did a default reset of the GW itself and I can also see it is receiving and forwarding data.
But I can not claim it to my account.

The error message is:
Submit failed
Gateway with EUI 58A0CBFFFExxxxxx already exists and is not authorized for claiming

Is there a way to fix that?

(from the web interface when I added it to my wifi, would not rule out it did a FW update after that
(at least the led were blining)
Gateway EUI 58-A0-CB-FF-FE-xx-xx-xx

WiFi AP MAC 58:A0:CB:xx:xx:xx

WiFi AP Pass xxx

WiFi STA MAC CC:50:E3:xx:xx:xx

Serial Number TBMH10086xxxxxxx

MFG date 2019-01-21 20:31:52

FW Build 2020-05-07 16:03:53

FW Version 2.0.4

Core Version 2.0.4(minihub/debug)

How come you are now looking to re-register the device…you may need to prove to TTI team that you are now authorised owner if they are to assist. Was it previously registered running on TTS(CE) aka TTN V3? or was it previously on V2. Any TTIG’s running on V2 after the Dec’21 switch over may well have been auto-migrated to V3 under original user name/owner. What is the full EUI for the device (no point hiding as available in the public domain to anyone who’s traffic gets forwarded by the device!) - keep WiFi pwd hidden :wink: The EUI may also be visible on the global TTN Map or on any relevant local community page if the device name is the EUI (as is often the case)…where is it located?

The device was in our storage, the people which might have worked with it are no longer available
and I have no history about the device itself and no clue when it was last used or by who.

At least I could not find a routine for reclaiming on the TTN or TTI pages.
I find the physical possession over a device should a good start to be able to reclaim and create a new gw :wink:

The gw is located in the EU

Really? I take pictures of all the TTIGs I relay on to my clients - so I’ve had it physically and could “prove” that I have it physically if I wanted to get it re-assigned back to me.

To on the safe side, you could nip over to Amsterdam and show it to them in your hands.

Either way it’s going to take TTI staff time up to fix because the records weren’t kept at your end.

They will be super busy preparing for the conference and the senior engineer who usually dips in to tweak the database isn’t around. We expect to get access to TTI staff time in direct proportion to the amount we pay for our TTN account.

It will probably be simpler & easier to buy a new one. Or figure out the account it was administered under. As TTI staff don’t routinely frequent the community forum, your best bet is to plead your case with the EUI unredacted on the #support channel on Slack.

PS, there are many examples on the forum of looking up gateway info but it requires the all important EUI. If you post it here, our crack investigator in SA, @Johan_Scheepers as well as @Jeff-UK can reveal much from the public records.

PSS, you may want to review the existing posts on the forum for more info

Good start maybe, 2nd step would then be to prove you did not steal it or otherwise mis-appropriate it or buy on a site such as ebay from someone else who obtained illegally…the boyz with handcuffs are waiting and the proof of ownership bar can be high…if it was in your storage then how about a recepit for purchase by your oranisation? :wink:

Figured a high chance of that already given the part obscured serial number is that of the 868Mhz/EU version! :wink: Maybe even in Norway?!

Full disclosure please - I will not play 20 questions… life is too short… moving on…

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Here we go 20 questions and most of this information will be public, unless you are working in some secret organization and you choose not to be public.

  1. Gateway on
  2. EUI
  3. Gateway ID
  4. Location

If it were not in a secret organization and we have a bit of information we can tell you a small bit about the gateway. :slight_smile:

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Hey @mek. If you send me a Direct Message with picture of the back of the gateway (with the EUI sticker) to prove that you actually own the gateway, I can check who owns it and release it for you.

(PS: Don’t add it to the post since the sticker contains the secret WiFi Password)

It proves that he has it physically, but it’s not proof of legal ownership.

But who’d be daft enough to publicly request “an unlock” apart from MacBook & iPhone thieves :wink:

Legal ownership is quite tricky. We don’t want to be dealing with asking for bills/invoicing for a purchase since those documents contain other PII which we (as TTI) don’t want to deal with (and is not covered by the Forum’s data privacy rules when someone sends me an un-redacted invoice via DM).

In such cases where gateways are already registered, we contact the person who has currently registered the EUI. In 99% of the cases, it’s either a colleague of the user or the user with a different account or something.

Your concern is valid and we account for this. We won’t just delete someone’s gateways because someone else sends us a photo of it.

As per the topic on # of devices / FUP, is it really appropriate to use TTI staff time because a low cost gateway’s registration details have fallen between the cracks? Maybe a small admin charge would be appropriate?

I personally don’t think it’s that many so we’re good for now :slight_smile:

I have also problem with re-claim TTN Indoor Gateway 58A0CBFFFE801E98 and no idea how to run it. The LED is flashing very fast. Can you help me to run it again?


I have a similar problem. I bought a Mikrotik Gateway. Had some difficulty setting this up. I was able to change the device ID in the device, and now I have it running. With the orgnial ID, I also see Already exists when setting it up. The strange thing is that this gateway is now displayed twice on TTN Mapper. Only one gateway is entered under my account. I don’t know what else I can do.

Good morning - I have an issue that we have two units that are saying previously registered - we had them on a site which is now closing down - would it be possible if I sent you the information if you could release them for us please?

Thanks so much

If you still have access to the account that was used to register them log in and delete the gateways…then you should be able to re-register under a new free form text ‘Gateway ID’ - the Gateway EUI remains the same. Though if you have them under the old account name why not just use as is? If neither option works the TTI team have to be careful that devices arent stolen from a (previous) site then someone attempts to re-register so you may need to prove ownership - not just physical possession!

Hi - I just get the message that they are already registered - I don’t see them anywhere - I am only aware of two email addresses where they could have been registered. The one says the account doesn’t exist and the one I log into I don’t find them.

Thanks for your help!

When were they registered and when last used?
What are the GW EUI’s & GW ID’s (dont worry this info is in the public domain and its ok to show them - just never show keys :wink: )

We can dig, but ultimately none of the forum vounteers has access to the accounts or device databases to purge so may fall to TTI core team to resolve but lets see how far we can help you…

Hiya - my boss seems to think they were used about two and a half years ago - the one I have with me at present GW ID is a840411dc2904150