TTGO Oled and GPS example

Hi there,

I am a little bit frustrated because i am a noob and get nothing worked with this TTGO Oled Lora board and TTN. I have searched a lot on the internet but i can´t find any sketch tho work!

It looks me really nice to start TTN Mapper and track where i have connection when i am in the and so on. But all examples has a wrong pinout or something with lmic. However i can nowhere define the pins of the lora board, the oled and the GPS. A demo with hello world and TTN works ok a few times ago. Otherwise upload temperature data from a bme280 looks me also amazing but the same problem. I can´t get it working because all examples does not have a pinout configuration or something… Or the docementation is incomplete…

In short: are there simple examples where i can define the pinout of the TTGO board simple in the code and upload it to TTN.

Thnx in advanced!

I know the board only from what I’ve seen on the web, but it can’t be that hard. Can you share the sketch you uploaded with us? What I’ve seen so far they work on more or less the same code as other simple LMIC based nodes. And in that case the pinout should be there if you know where to look.

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