TTIG and The Things Stack

Is there a way to configure the the-things-indoor-gateway into things stack. I’ve removed my gateway from TTN to recreate it on TTS without success. Any idea ?

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Hopefully that is removed as in simply unplugged vs deleted? If you have deleted you will not be able to simple re-register in TTN at a later date as system will tell you EUI in use - hence warnings to not delete :wink:

The TTIG is a external managed device bye CUPS and TTN. On this moment it is connected to the TTN stack v2
You can’t use it to other deployment’s.
I hope that you nog def deleted on the TTN console, if you had luck you can reconnected again.

Soon after The Things Conference, we will host a TTI CUPS server to which all TTIGs will be migrated. After that you can configure your gateway to any server you want. So for now, TTIGs will remain on TTN v2.


Thanks for update and confirming

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I deleted … but he was used for test purpose no worry. After the conference, I will use TTI cups…
Many thanks.

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I should say give it a try again, and try to reconnect on the old way. You should see very quick if the ID still is in use.

Pro Tip: Since v2 is already connected to Packet Broker, traffic received by your TTIG will be forwarded via Packet Broker to TTN V3. This is already setup

  • Simply migrate your device to v3 and leave the gateway as it is. Your devices will join via your TTIG which is connected to V2 (through Packet Broker).

You can use that flow until we have the TTI CUPS ready for you.

Does this include the Browan Minihubs not labelled as TTIG but linked to TTN Stack v2 or is this a task the distributors must do?

Yes this is included.

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Was a bit quick late last night and deleteing my TTIG on v2 and tried to add it to v3 - whiteout success. Yes I saw the warning, but just thought “… not going to connect it to v2 again anyway …”. Is there any possibility the get it back on to v2? Or v3 at a later state? Generate a random EUI?

Is there any possibility the get it back on to v2

Unfortunately not.

Or v3 at a later state? Generate a random EUI?

A production gateway EUI is fixed.

I can work some magic for you. Write me a direct message.

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Hello I would like to know how we can make a TTIG-868 target TTS (locally) or another server instead of the initial configuration? I would like to test a C class of a device but TTNV3 doesn’t seem to offer it (like V2)?

Search the forum for the command line instructions to ‘claim’ the gateway or use the help included in the commandline client. Use the TTIG WiFi password as claim code.

If you add a device manually to V3 you have the option to select class C. May-be you need to take a second look?

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Thank you yes I saw this option but I do not have the impression that it is active, in particular in the eu1 cloud community version.
I also find that a lot of options are missing in the V3 compared to the V2. Example the f_cnt uplink / downlink reset, integrations … Are there any changes planned?

I think you need to get more familiar with V3. There is a lot available in different places, however the stack is much more mature and offers more options.

Class C is available in the community stack and if you search the forum you can find messages by members using it.

For reset of the counters, because V3 has a state for each device you need to reset that. At the moment only available using the command line tool but if you log a ticket at GitHub or find the forum topic where TTI was soliciting feedback you might see it in the web console as well in the future.

Ok I thought the V3 would be more intuitive to use! If I have or a user has to spend a lot of time doing (thorough) research to find out where features are and how to use them it’s boring.
I have an example, in V2 it was easy for the same End Device to switch from ABP mode to OTAA mode and vice versa. There I had to remove the End Device in ABP to recreate one in OTAA (the radiochecks were grayed out). And there are plenty of other examples.

Is it possible to create an http POST request like in V2 (via HTML integration)? I can’t find a link, I typed TTN V3 integration html post

best regards

You mean click on a few menus to see what the options are? If you know LoRaWAN, it’s like getting behind the wheel of a different vehicle - same controls, just in different places. Unless like me you have a attention span of a, ooooooh, squirrel :chipmunk: :chipmunk: :chipmunk:, unmedicated ADDer - where upon you find out that your super hero special power is the ability to absorb data at 10x NT bandwidth (NT = neurotypical aka normal people).

TTS is the grown up version to v2’s finding it’s way. I create an ABP device for initial testing and then create an OTAA device for final testing. Not hard, takes 2s using the CLI.

Do share your other examples so we can add it to the gotcha’s list.

For real?? You think that may have been deprecated?

Suggest you take time out to find out which side of the steering wheel the indicators are aka find the v3 docs (hint, linked to on every page of the console).

And for the bad news, the payload / json format has changed. But if you search the forum, you’ll find the free scripts to get you started as provided by someone awesome who read the docs 9 months ago.

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I do not question your abilities I know you are good and active on the network and that you are a great person but rather than playing guesswork with literary answers, the easiest way is to indicate the links to retrieve the information as quickly as possible. I just don’t have time to read the details. There are intuitive parts but frankly take a reading as for the V2 I do not have that to do. I am a solution designer and national trainer and frankly the V3 version is not complete. A user does not have time to spend on where to find information in the forums. YourI never said that switching from ABP mode to OTAA mode in the TTS V3 was complicated but on the other hand it is worse than on the V2. Because the concern stems in particular from the fact that we will no longer be able to give the same name if we go back to ABP mode again. CLI tool should appear directly in an item etc …

Regarding the POST request in HTML, it is not the problem or not that the method is obsolete, it is to show the feasibility. Don’t worry I created a template-less webhook for this. But that’s not intuitive again.
Another example ? Yes of course, we do not see the integrations that we have created (nor if it is running) in relation to an application. It’s a shame not to have an overview of the whole without having to click on the type of integration.