TTIG AU915 support

Hi Krishna
Any chance you could add my gateway?

Also :white_check_mark:

Can you please add the following TTIG?

  • eui-58a0cbfffe8024f6
  • eui-58a0cbfffe80263b
  • eui-58a0cbfffe802d20

Many thanks in advance

Done :white_check_mark:

Hi Krishna
All my TTIG showing solid green
but it in the TTN console showing not connected
i can only see connected when power cycle the TTIG for few min

Status: not connected
Frequency Plan: Australia 915MHz
Router: meshed-router

  • eui-58a0cbfffe8024f6
  • eui-58a0cbfffe80263b
  • eui-58a0cbfffe802d20

please let me know if i have to do something?

Hi. Have you checked out this thread TTN Console not working properly all the time [console] [gateway] [not connected] [no traffic] [application] [no data]

Whilst you gw May show not connected can you still see traffic coming in from your nodes to your Applications?

If yes but in area where you know there may be coverage from other nodes check in the message metadata to see if your troublesome gw(s) are amongst the ones passing on the message. If they are not there then it may be (and likely is) the case that they are not connected and you have more troubleshooting to do or need Krishna’s help…

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Can I get my gateway added please? eui-58a0cbfffe80251e

Thank you.
I found I was still having problems connecting, but at least I knew my gateway is now working.
I located a great post from Thomas Laurenson which got my project up and running.
Many Thanks

Done :white_check_mark:

And to everyone else, please keep this thread specifically for requests to route gateways to the AU Cluster. For issues for TTIG connectivity, there are quite many other threads. Thanks :+1:


Could you please add this one too? eui-58a0cbfffe802c5c

Hello there @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 !
I have recently purchased a TTIG AU915 for Posadas and I am facing troubles with OTAA using my LoPy4.

I can confirm the code on my LoPy4 works fine because I have tested it against my Dragino LG308 and it successfully joins TTN.
However, when I try the same code against my freshly unboxed and configured TTIG-AU915 it does not even receive the activation message.
In order to make sure that the device is operating within the right frequencies, I uploaded on purpose a new code to my node, but this time using the US915 plan. Surprisingly, I see activation messages being prompted on the console that are arriving on an unexpected frequency (904.6 MHz) see screenshot below
Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 15.42.52
I am quite confused tbh. From what my tests yield, it seems like the TTIG-AU915 is not really listening to the right sub band for Australia, but for the US although the label on the device states “For AU & NZ”.

Any help here will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,


Can you also please add mine? eui-58a0cbfffe8030bd
Mi user is:

@snorkman: Done :white_check_mark:

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Hi @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 please don´t forget my TTIG!

@Wellscom_Lora_Demo_E: Done :white_check_mark:

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Me too, please, TTIG AU915


Is posting here still the recommended way to get a TTIG AU915 configured or is there anything I can do myself to make this work?

I’ve been sitting with this long awaited device beside me on the desk but without any successful connections yet.

Thanks in advance for any advice or insight.

Posting here should work. There is no UI for selfservice yet and there probably won’t be one for the community network version 2.

Thanks for the response, @kersing

I will leave the posting above for @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2
Hopefully he will spot it.

I’m just oustide range of the local council gateway and am so keen to get my indoor gateway up so I can get working with some sensors at home.


@tmugan. This is done. I was off the last 10 days.