Ttig does not connect to TTN

I have some problems getting ttig online.
The led blinking green fast. I can ping the device.
After 2 minutes it seems to reboot and it blinking greed red first than
soon again blinking green fast.
I have no idear what to do next.
I register it on TTN with the id 58a0cbfffe801cf7, but it is shown in the console as
not connected. The firmware version is 2.0.0.
I need help.

Greeting Marcus

in the meantime the led indicator shows a solid green lightning, but still a not connected in the console.

check again your registration, most common error is one digit wrong
also search this forum (right top corner) or click on category

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If as suggested by @BoRRoZ you do find mis-registered due to typo or poor reading of ID ( font far too small - at least for my eyes :wink: ) DO NOT JUST DELETE IN THE CONSOLE! Rather add a new device and park the old one…why?

:thinking: There is a good chance someone may buy a TTIG in the future that has that very ID and once delete it cannot be added back in :slight_smile: May be safe to delete if typo in the 58ao or fffe (padding) section, the rest of characters have a good chance of reappearing esp if volumes increase. Any new user would then get an already registered message and can begin the search for who registered 1st to contact and request transfer of registration! :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem since hours of trying! My TTNIG Led indicator shows solid green and my gateway registration data are correct! I checked it several times! But no connection is established :frowning:
The registration ID is 58a0cbfffe801a5f
Please help me
Greetings Carol

if you fill at the end your ID

@carol_richter has never been online / not known :thinking:

after turning the device off and on again a connection is established :-).
Every minute it blinks again fast green for some seconds and then its solid
green again. At this time the counter in the console ist set to 0 seconds and
counts to the next 60 seconds. It seems to be a normal behavior.
I have also managed to bring a dragino LG01 for Testing purposes online.
Be careful with the Gateway ID. Mistakes are easy possible.
Thanks for help.

Greetings Marcus

After several turn off/ob in the last hours, the TTIG works now and is connected…
Why is a miracle, but ultimately the result counts!
Thanks for the discussion.

Hmm… If I try that link I get an SSL error.

Turns out that you have to force it to http://
Chrome always uses https:, but the call works in edge.