TTIG for Hong Kong AS923

Hi, i’m planning to buy a TTIG for use in Hong Kong. I see the frequency plan is AS923-925. The TTIG doc mentions it is available in AS923 version. Seeedstudio has choice between EU868, US915, AU915 - i assume i need this last one? I see only the US915 available on Amazon, with a customer question seeming to imply the US915 would work for AS915?
The Dragino LPS8 doc mentions:
915: For Bands: US915,AU915,AS923,KR920
and in its user manual i see that the frequency plan is a software setting.
Can i conclude from this that a TTIG US915 can be configured for AS923? I’m unsure because its datasheet seems to imply it needs different hardware, and doesn’t mention any settings.
If anybody has a suggestion for another low-cost indoor gateway, that’d be appreciated too, thanks.