TTIG Registration Guidance

Just following up on this previous post: TTIG Registration on V3 Console - #3 by vicatcu

Is the guidance that we should all be registering new TTIG gateways on the v3 console at this point?

Did any of your forum searches yield an announcement that the TTIG is now supported on v3?

@descartes I wouldn’t have asked if they did. The answer to that question, though, is not imho unrelated to the question I pose here, which is: should I register new TTIG gateways on the v3 backend, or should I continue to register them on the v2 backend (even though it’s sunsetting)? The thread referenced in my OP indicated (to me) that registering them on the v3 backend “seems to work,” so my instinct is “yes, do that” but I’m looking for some affirmation here to calm my nerves :). Or a course correction to my assumptions as necessary.

I’m not a psychiatrist so I’m not best placed to help you, but I can ask mine for you if you want?

But as there are no announcements to find, you could consider that it is not yet supported.

Funny :roll_eyes: … my question is very simple imho. At this time, should I register new TTIGs on the v2 backend, or on the v3 backend?

How would it be if all 15k users came on and asked the same question? And needed an answer formatted specifically for them? We are a community with collective responsibility, we all run off the hive mind that is the documentation supplemented by the forum posts.

There are no announcements for TTIG v3 to find because there are no announcements for TTIG v3.

From that, Schrodinger’s Cat style, we have to infer if the TTIG is should be deployed on v2 or v3. At present, it is suitable for both, but if we open the box, we will cause it to take up one state. However at that point Heisenburgs Uncertainty principle cuts in and we alter the measurement by taking it. As Heisenburg was mostly looking at speed & direction, I’d posit that we can assume that the TTIG is moving towards v3, so we are likely to alter the speed. So if we ask TTI each day, we a likely to cause the speed to change and as we are interrupting the developers, I think it is likely to slow things down.

In the absence of any announcement, I’m working to this:

But you need to make a decision yourself, nothing written on this forum should be considered legally binding, it is your responsibility to make the final decision based on the information or lack there of that is available.

V2. Not supported on V3 yet. As mentioned in numerous messages and inferable from the replies you got from @descartes.

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