TTIG Registration on V3 Console

  • I have just registered my first TTIG on the V3 console
  • I have a solid green light on the TTIG
  • The dashboard still says “Disconnected” with a red circle next to it
  • A test with an end device (registered on the v2, console incidentally) suggests it’s successfully routing traffic through this newly registered TTIG.
  • But I see no sign of that on the V3 console (no activity, traffic, status)

What’s the deal?

The very briefest of searches on the forum will answer with a blizzard of “not supported on v3 yet”

I’d emphasis the YET bit - it will come before anything happens on v2.

In the meanwhile, they work just fine on v2 and any v3 traffic handled just fine.

I appreciate your consideration that I didn’t bother to search, but the nuance that you’ve missed in my post is that, while the TTIG registered on V3 doesn’t tell me that it is connected nor what traffic it is routing, it in fact does appear to be connected and routing traffic. That highlights something I fundamentally misunderstand, and I’m seeking to learn more by posting here, about why that should be the case.

I take your reply to be saying “well just don’t do that!” and instead keep on registering gateways on the v2 console until we hear otherwise; and that an explanation as to why a TTIG registered on v3 seems to work despite not providing status in the V3 console.

I answered that on Slack!

And as you hadn’t acknowledged that v3 isn’t yet supported for TTIG and we get rather a lot of people asking and it’s forum policy to encourage searches before opening a new topic, well …

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