TTIG stuck on unknown account

Our TTIG is stuck on an unknown account, so we can not authorize / unauthorize and move it to the stack v3. This means that we have to buy a new one and throw this one away. There is no alternative provided.

Someone more ideas to get it back in v3 ?

I tried to contact TTN a few times but because of " privacy reasons " they can not tell on which account it is registered. Till now this was no problem because it was just working but now it is still on V2 which will be shut down soon. If this is the way how it should be, the complete TTN does not sound interesting for bigger rollouts.

The current FW version is 2.0.0.
Gateway EUI 58-A0-CB-FF-FE-80-29-04

You don’t need anything but the WiFi password and EUI to claim (not add) it in V3 so if you have the hardware you are good to go. No need to know anything about the V2 account.


That means someone already added a gateway with this EUI in V3. As the gateway is still active in V2 (according to your message) it was not the result of a claim process.
If, as you say you contacted, TTI and they can’t help you there are no other options. They are the only ones with access to the database.

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 anything you can do?

The last time that I had contact was for V2. About V3, these are the first steps. No one registered this device on V3.

Not entirely unreasonable with the current Data Protection laws so not really a good reason to assume that TTI isn’t interested in larger rollouts.

But with TTS CE aka TTN v3, being the community edition, sometimes people have finger trouble and mis-register an EUI. And if you look around the TTIG topics, you’ll see that it does tend to get resolved very proactively (just not instantly) by the TTI team.

Given that TTS CE is the community edition, the word “roll out” may not be a good fit depending on your support needs & service level. Support is here and it’s best endeavours for uptime. If you had a TTI TTS you’d have an SLA and a support channel.

This gateway is owned by the account inanc_oneasg, which is your own account. It seems to me that you have registered the gateway in V3 without claiming it. This is a common case despite our tool tips and warnings that we have built into the console. You can resolve this yourself by checking our docs:

If this is the way how it should be, the complete TTN does not sound interesting for bigger rollouts.

As mentioned in another post, The Things Stack Community Edition (often referred to as The Things Network) is definitely not for bigger rollouts. You’ll need to look into one of the commercial offers for those.


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