TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway

(Krishna Iyer) #232

So a small update.

The WiFi config page has a small JS issue when working with Firefox (thank the universe for JavaScript and browser engines). Chrome will work just fine. There will be an automatic firmware update soon that will fix this.


Actually this is not uncommon for a new gateway, I’ve seen this before, it is how you can recognize a fresh gateway on the mapper. There is a delay for the gateway radials and channels seen.
After some time the more traffic from mappers comes in then also more channels are used by those mappers.

(Arjan) #234

If not on your list yet, then please:

  • Is registration in TTN Console required? (Maybe the new Basic Station software gives TTN sufficient information about the frequency plan, so registration might be fully optional? I guess not, as that might work for EU868, but not for, e.g., US915 when used in Australia.)

  • Is there any difference if one uses an all-lowercase EUI with “eui-” prefixed, like:

    …or if one ticks the “I’m using the legacy packet forwarder” checkbox and only enters the bare EUI?

  • What does the following mean exactly?

And I’m also quite curious how TTN is handling the Basic Station messages. Some bridge on V2, or are the devices connecting to some V3 instance? And can you tell how many devices have been installed already? (Even better yet: naming and shaming of those who did not plug it in yet, is very much appreciated. :wink:)

(Meikelg) #235

Finally good news.

I operate my gw (after reset) on a new location without changing anything on TTN server site.

Very important: use Chrome for connections to your gw. Firefox and Safari did not work properly. Chrome made me happy again and a new area 30 km out of Frankfurt can now be served.

Thanks for your advises towards Chrome.

(Jeff Uk) #236

That a problem! :frowning:

Dont use Chrome for anything…Google/Alphabet already know too much!!! :wink:

(Beacon) #237

However, RSTn line is datasheet spec’d to be 1k pulled-on, “… In all cases, a 1 k pull-up on the RSTb pin is recommended…”, so some 3mA @ 3V3 supply.
Otherwise, there’s a chance the onboard PS can be loaded to some max. 100mA because of the RSTn sinking behaviour. See Table 3.10. Absolute Maximum Ratings on page 15 of the datasheet.

So, either remove the pulldown and add 1 to 10k pull-up; or simply add a pull up of some 1k as R86, so that you form a divider with the R88-10k one.

I like this idea, Great work!

(Ma Thias) #239


I have a question about the new Mini Gateway.
Is it possible to connect the gateway to another (not TTN) network server?

(Jeff Uk) #240

Do you mean a private instance or TTI or totally alternate such as Loriot/Orbiwise/Comcast/Orange/Actility/////etc.

(Balto) #241

That is a very good point, thanks for checking it out… from the datasheet it looks like the module drives the pin at power on reset and power failures. I just swapped my short for a 1k pull-up and it works allright. It also looks like the signal is routed somewhere else on the board (there’s a via going to an inner layer)… wondering if it could be enabled from the main MCU via a firmware update… that would be even better!

(Krishna Iyer) #242

Caution: Factory reset requires resetting the credentials on the server side as well to authorize the gateway to fetch new personalized credentials.

This is relevant when client auth methods such as ClientTLS or Auth Tokens are issued to the gateways. Currently, only server auth is supported. (

Even better yet: naming and shaming of those who did not plug it in yet:

As of now 234 gateways are registered and active which means that we need to shame 550 people.

(Jeff Uk) #243

Why ‘shame’? It may be they are busy doing other things - tear-downs, re-housing in other cases, modding antenna’s etc…they may be ‘innovating’ so why assume a ‘shame’ needed…may also be waiting for dust to settle and all clear and set up easily (I did same with the Kickstarter GW when troubles 1st emerged!) as time for playing/debugging limited! :open_mouth: …shame on you for default shaming! :wink: :sunglasses:

(Note I don’t have one - yet! - and am not one of the 550…just saying…)

(Andrew Sargent) #244

So the AU915 channel plan has been released?

(Justb4) #249

Picked up a TIG at the conf, setup via WIFI ok, shows up as “connected” in TTN GW Console. But cannot connect any kind of node, OTAA’s fail (seen in Arduino IDE or LoPy serial consoles), no traffic in TTN Console. Suspect I have a 915 device. How can I determine that? Could not find a definitive answer in this thread…And if it is 915 is their a mod to switch to 868?

(Ibelinp) #250

I think I voided the warranty on my gateway. But it seems to have a little more range.


(Ibelinp) #251



the same antenne as used by Lacuna-space a “Square Quadrifilar Spiral” antenne

(Krishna Iyer) #257

You can get that from the serial number on the back of your gateway.
TMBH100915xxxxxx -> US
TMBH100868xxxxxx -> EU

(Justb4) #261

Possibly, but I don’t think I should run US-915 here in The Netherlands…So either swap with someone outside EU with EU-868, or I am prepared to make a HW mod and loose warranty to configure EU-868. (After all “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” is both a Dutch and English expression).

(Arjan) #262

Not if you’re referring to this specific gateway. From

Q. I don’t live in Europe or in the US, can I still use the gateway?

Currently, the gateway only supports the EU868 and US915 frequency plans. Near the end of Q1, all frequency plans will be supported.

(Matthew Macdonald-Wallace) #265

I don’t think you can yet, but my understanding from talking to the TTI folks at conference was that this is definitely part of the plan.