TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway


I would send it back DOA Jeff

(Jeff Uk) #598

Beginning to wish I had done…as its a long holiday weekend I thought I would rush it through tonight but all I’ve done is wreck to pcb as too dark in office & lands & 0Ohm too small and fine! :sob: ah well…a learning experience.

Now, anyone have a copy of the schematics or ideas for how to use the RF Module bd elsewhere?! :wink:

(Nu3e) #599

No worries if you lost the tiny original part: a short length of copper wire is a fine zero ohm resistor.

(Jeff Uk) #600

I was thinking something similar - even a simple solder bridge…problem is there are now no lands to connect the solder to! :frowning: - just two holes in the solder mask so a right-off unless I can get schematic to find alternate point to bridge. However just working on another post which will shed light on original problem and may be a warning to others with mis-behaving units…post to follow.



Reanimation? This company does no longer exist…

(Jeff Uk) #603

Was absorbed back into Semtech last year…

(Jeff Uk) #604

Was sure I checked units when they arrived and per my post to @Weinke at end of March so looked again at boxes as received.

All 5 show same label - RS part number correct 184-3981 TTIG-868!!!



So looks like a mis-pack vs mis-ship or perhaps mis-labled when booking into RS stock.

Either way will flag to RS next week…and will play merry hell with them.! :wink:


Made in China…made in Taiwan

(Cslorabox) #606

My guess is that the resistor is actually not functional, but rather just being used as a machine-installed marker of build version.

I’m also not entirely convinced that a US915 build would fail to start the concentrator with EU833 settings - it’s not like the Semtech silicon knows what the surrounding passive components are tuned for. In theory there could be an IO pin read somewhere by software or FPGA code that throws an error, but it’s not clear it is that smart.

And even in the unlikely case where the resistor is what is preventing it from trying to work on EU frequencies, just moving that wouldn’t change that all of the RF network are tuned for 915 instead of 868 - those aren’t something you can casually change without a full understanding of the design and a stock of the right parts. So even if it started, at best it would work poorly.

Getting shipped the wrong version is of course a problem; but it may not only be the wrong version, but a defective unit.

(Jeff Uk) #607

Packed in Corby, Northamptonshire! :rofl:


the us Version of TTIG automagically will Load US frequency Plans, when starting. So it never can be used in OLD EUROPE… Btw they also sent ME a wrong US Version…

(Ud Lo Ra) #609

Ok, yesterday morning I voided my warranty. Since pictures of the open patient have been already published, I add only a detail abot where i have put the antenna connector:

void1 void2

… and the final result.



what antenna is that ? (guess a 5 Dbi type)

(Ud Lo Ra) #611

It is one I asked for on this thread time ago. Sold as 5dbi, cheap, but not really 5dbi (behaviour is more like a GPA, in my tests).

(Ud Lo Ra) #612

5km reached with the new antenna, TTIG indoor at 1st floor.

(Nu3e) #613

RS USA (Allied Electronics & Automation) has begun shipping USA orders. My TTIG ordered 3/13 was mailed last night from Ft. Worth, TX and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

(Sponge Bob) #614

Is there any source code for the gateway’s firmware on ESP8266 ?
Is it possible to have it connect to anything other than TTN’s server ?

(Jac Kersing) #615

No source available. Hard coded to connect to a server that configures it for TTN at the moment.


Mine arrived in Boston today! Just got one connected and successfully passing some data using the instructions:
(the EUI for me started with 58 rather than 5B… I can have trouble distinguishing them in tiny type)


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