TTN Cadiz Área

English version:

Through this publication I call to interested Cadiz users in the province of Cádiz to use the network that will be deployed. This network has started in Algeciras, in the facilities of the Higher Polytechnic School of Algeciras.

This subject will be available to all those users interested in using the network that will be deployed throughout the Cádiz area.

Spanish version:

Mediante esta publicación hago un llamamiento a los usuarios de la zona de Cádiz provincia a usar la red que se irá desplegando. Esta red se ha iniciado en Algeciras, en las instalaciones de la Escuela Politécnica Superior de Algeciras.

Este tema quedará a disposición de todos aquellos usuarios interesados en emplear la red que se irá desplegando en todo el área de Cádiz.


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Hi tic168
I am exploring how to use IoT to connect domotic devices at Chiclana from Madrid without an internet conexion. I have not seen a close Gateway to Cadiz, what should i do to connect it, define a Gateway? how much is this?. Any advice?

You can contact us via:
twitter: (@TTN_Cadiz)

this is not the right topic to ask basic questions about gateway prices . please use search