TTN EU node using M5Stack and RFM95


I have put together a TTN node using the M5Stack prototyping platform and a custom PCB with a RFM95 module. M5Stack has a LoRa module already but only the 433 flavour. Specs:

  • ESP32-based
  • RFM95 module
  • SD card slot
  • Battery powered
  • 320x240 full color screen
  • Compact form factor (almost “production” feeling)
  • Low power (pending measurements, deep sleeping the M5Stack Core has some quirks)


It’s just a first iteration but it works great and the M5Stack looks awesome. Sample code, PCB files and a couple of enclosure options are available in a public repo.

Feedback is very welcome. I’d also like to hear what possible use cases do you think this might have.

Big ESP32 + SX127x topic part 2

It’s a pity that MSTACK still haven’t released a 868MHz version.


Yes, that’s why I had to do mine.

Hopefully when (if) they release the 868 version the sample code I’ve written will still be compatible.