TTN Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Here you can share all your Information TTN Freiburg im Breisgau…

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tell us a bit more… did you started a community or want to start one, are you looking for other people interested to start ??


We have started a community in december last year. This topic was the missing key for unleashing our community to become official. Currently we have 5 Gateways and 10 Members on thethingsnetwork,org community and 30 members on

Hopefully our community will be shown soon under

Here is a link to our community page on thethingsnetwork:

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hope it will be shown soon now :sunglasses:

Great work!

I published the community and it is now publicly visible under

Once you hosted the Meetup (in 16 days) the community becomes “Official”

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Hi! I’m testing this out and can tell you that two Gateways are now in Freiburg. I might be able to add one of them this week, quite in the centre of Freiburg.

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@laurens is it possible to change our current image (shown below). The “Freiburg im Breisgau” looks not nice, can you change it to “Freiburg i. Br.”, this is one of the official shortcut for the long name. It should much more nicer than the current.


The logo shows the name of the url-name of the community. Changing the logo would also change the url.

I could change it to Freiburg if you’d prefer that?

Ok, we are discussing it internal. It is possible that the old URL is a redirect to the new URL? I’m not sure if the URL is printed in some flyers or used in websites that are not under our control.

For everybody which didn’t read it on Twitter. Our Lord Mayer of Freiburg becomes patron of the TTN Freiburg community. and our local energy provider Badenova launches its own LoRaWAN network called “I-NOVA” and supporting our community with gateways which will be deployed in the next few month. This is a great stepp for our community and The Things Network in generally, hopefully more cities in germany will follow that.

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Is there a way to get information about the state of a gateway?
My LoPy LoRaWAN device won’t join the network and I wonder if this a problem with my device or that I’m just out of range of any operating gateway. My location is Freiburg Mooswald, west end of Seepark, closest gw is 1.1km away in the Freilab.

BTW: How do you get on the Slack channel? Apparently you need an invitation and what would be the place to ask for one?

Viele Grüße

Here is our Link for Slack shows the Gateway status earlier than the thethingsnetwork site.