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Is it possible to configure a TTN gateway to skip all the router/broker/handler steps and send all the packets to a specific address? I’m trying to setup a private local device-to-application environment, and I was thinking whether I’d need the full network architecture.

No. Search the forum and learn about the components involved if you want to know why.

Question about gateway reboots-

I’ve unchecked the box on the console page that says


yet the gateway still reboots every 24 hours:

MAIN: Rebooting gateway for firmware update check

version information:

Firmware name: AmazingAckermann, type: 0, version: 1.0.5, commit: fa89b993, timestamp: 1531815112
Bootloader revision: 2, commit: c463e87e, timestamp: 1519396960
Build time: Jul 17 2018 08:12:51

Is this normal behavior?

Thank you.

How to update The Things Gateway default passcode?

Hi everybody,
I’d like to know if you have any tips for getting the mac adress of the Ethernet Things Gateway… ?
The network of my office blocks everything so I need it to register my Gateway… :confused:
Thank’s a lot,

Hello Kevin,

open een dosbox

Make a ping to your gateway on your local net
>ping ipadress
(then you are shore the arp table is filled with the mac-adress)

Then do a show arp table:
>arp - a

You get a list off mac adresses with their Ipadres
So you get your mac address of your gateway.



I have a Things Gateway and 10+ devices running.
The Things Gateway loses connection every day for sometimes a short period of time and often for a very long time such as 12 hours. Gateway is connected with wire, WIFI is off.
I can reach the Things Network, so I believe it is not related to my network.
The first and second LED are Steady and the third LED is blinking fast (Could not activate (restart activation from step 1). In some cases switching of/on the Gateway helps but now I can not resolve the issue for days.

Can somebody help?, thanks,

I have a TTN Gateway that I bought and got long time ago when the kickstarter first happaned. I am using it right now and it works well but now I am running my own software on a computer I have in the clouds. Can the TTN Gateway connect to my new server? How can I do it? My current gateway is setup to have the latest firmware at all time including beta firmware. So it is using automatic firmware updates.

Do you know how much is consuption (mAh) of the gateway?
I need it for solar pannel.


after a forum search I found :
Average current consumption is about 300 mA @ 12 volt

Thank and we are agree, it’s an indoor gateway? I can not see that information on the web page and I watch the TTN video Look at the minute 0:48, it looks very easy to open it, no screws… It should not be waterproof

where did you read that it is waterproof … no it’s original an indoor gateway but if you put it in an IP67 enclosure you can use it outside too, see

is there anyway to diagnostic the Things Gateway device? (ssh, check logs etc.).
My Gateway runs for days without issues and then reboots for many hours before getting online again. (see also my earlier message).

Mine does something similar If the power is interrupted, it won’t get online at least 50% of the time unless I cycle the power a few times. Does anyone else see this problem?


I am trying to bring my TTN gateway online. I get stuck in the forth step of activation. What I am currently seeing is LED1 on, LED2 on (online via ethernet cable), LED3 slowly flashing (activating). This goes on for about 1 minute, then reboot of the device and it starts over again.

I have read about the Lora module issue and tried several different fixation methods and also measured contact of the pins between the module and the board. Everything is fine from my point of view. Also the modules LED do shine during the activation.

So I tried to connect to the UART debug port to see what is happening. I have an FTDI-UART-USB converter, I soldered the RX and GND cable to the SUB D connector and connected them to the UART pinout of the TTN Gateway. However, I do see random chars in the terminal (see picture) and no proper text. I even used an osziloscope and verified the baudrate to be 115200.

AND… I have flashed the latest available firmware images from github, but they all behave the same.

What is wrong, please help.


if you have 3 wires connected… switch Rx/Tx

I tried to switch. But if I had connected Tx instead of Rx, I would not see anything, right?

I do see a voltage of 3.3 Volts between GND and RX on the gateway. Can the gateway be changed to 5V?

really ? your lucky if it still works because you put 5V on the UART

Obviously, the FTDI UART converter seems to have a jumper switch for that as seen in this picture from the FAQ. I just wonder if this would make any difference


I got a new version 1.0.6 pushed on May 17th, which apparently might be needed if TTN updates the server certificate some day after July 2019:

With this patch we add the ISRG Root X1 CA to the gateway firmware. After 8 July 2019, many servers that use Let’s Encrypt will start serving a certificate chain which leads to this new root, and therefore it must be trusted by clients such as the gateway.

So, for those not having automatic updates enabled: you’d better do so, I’d assume.

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