TTN GATEWAY central 3

(Ketil) #45

@davehellings Regarding condensation: I am relative certain that condensation was not part of the issue I my case. It run for a very short period before dropping range.

(Dutchmcgyver) #46

My Gateway range went down to just 10 meters last year, after about three months of use. Firmware updates did not help, the RF module seems to be the culprit. Now, almost a year(!) later, I’ve received this answer directly from Microchip:

“Please be informed that my colleagues from the business unit in charge for the part number LG8271-I/RM104 told me that this part is End of Life and at the moment there is no replacement part for it.”

So essentially, your TTN gateway is now a brick, although in my case it was three months old when the issue occurred. The TTN guys have been absolutely NO help in resolving this issue either. Please think twice before buying anything from TTN again.

* I understand that you have been in contact, lets us know when its fixed… tnx :sunglasses:

(Jeroen Kl) #47

I’ve got a useless TTN gateway too, the range is terrible (max 500m).
Now running a RAK831 and the range is now approx 20km…
I paid a lot for the TTN gateway, hoping for a solution.




when did you contact TTN ? (only if you bought it through TTN)