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(Ketil) #45

@davehellings Regarding condensation: I am relative certain that condensation was not part of the issue I my case. It run for a very short period before dropping range.

(Dutchmcgyver) #46

My Gateway range went down to just 10 meters last year, after about three months of use. Firmware updates did not help, the RF module seems to be the culprit. Now, almost a year(!) later, I’ve received this answer directly from Microchip:

“Please be informed that my colleagues from the business unit in charge for the part number LG8271-I/RM104 told me that this part is End of Life and at the moment there is no replacement part for it.”

So essentially, your TTN gateway is now a brick, although in my case it was three months old when the issue occurred. The TTN guys have been absolutely NO help in resolving this issue either. Please think twice before buying anything from TTN again.

* I understand that you have been in contact, lets us know when its fixed… tnx :sunglasses:


to be clear.

for products bought through TTN - contact TTN direct (complaining here alone won’t help you much)
for products not bought through TTN - contact your supplier.

(Jeroen Kl) #53

Why are my posts deleted? I was not complaining, but searching for a solution.
I bought my TTN through Marktplaats. Orginal a Kickstarter model but out of warrenty.

More people with reception problems? We can try to fix the LG8271.


you didn’t mention that, now I understand you didn’t contact TTN, you bought a used gateway.
I suggest opening a new topic specific for ‘fixing’ the gateway and what parts to use, where to buy them, howto ect.

(Gordon W0run) #55

I can hook up to the serial port on The Things Gateway and monitor activity. If I hit enter I get a command prompt:

I tried ? but I get:

*** Command Processor: unknown command. ***

So there is something processing commands! Is there a list of what can be done via the serial port? I would like something akin the to the Pycom lora.stats() command.

(Jac Kersing) #56

Did you read the TTN Gateway central topics? From this message the quote:

When you connect to both the RX and TX serial pins, you can also type help to get a list of commands you can execute.

(Francesco Gallo Red V) #57

Hello; I bought a TTN Gateway, and I’m trying to connect with some nodes through OTAA.
I already registered the gateway (it’s successfully seen as connected on the console) and an application with the devices (they have their own device eui, their own lora app eui and their own lora app key, that I inserted in the device eui, application eui and app key section of the device associated to the application).
The status of the nodes, though, is “never seen”, and the gateway has no received nor transmitted messages.
Am I missing something in the configuration, or it’s just the nodes that have yet to send anything?

Thanks in advance


indeed, normally the first data they transmit is a join request to the network after they powered on.

(Francesco Gallo Red V) #59

Is it possible to configure a TTN gateway to skip all the router/broker/handler steps and send all the packets to a specific address? I’m trying to setup a private local device-to-application environment, and I was thinking whether I’d need the full network architecture.

(Jac Kersing) #60

No. Search the forum and learn about the components involved if you want to know why.

(Andrew Gallo) #61

Question about gateway reboots-

I’ve unchecked the box on the console page that says


yet the gateway still reboots every 24 hours:

MAIN: Rebooting gateway for firmware update check

version information:

Firmware name: AmazingAckermann, type: 0, version: 1.0.5, commit: fa89b993, timestamp: 1531815112
Bootloader revision: 2, commit: c463e87e, timestamp: 1519396960
Build time: Jul 17 2018 08:12:51

Is this normal behavior?

Thank you.

(Kevin Lonigro) #62

How to update The Things Gateway default passcode?

(Simmoinard) #63

Hi everybody,
I’d like to know if you have any tips for getting the mac adress of the Ethernet Things Gateway… ?
The network of my office blocks everything so I need it to register my Gateway… :confused:
Thank’s a lot,


Hello Kevin,

open een dosbox

Make a ping to your gateway on your local net
>ping ipadress
(then you are shore the arp table is filled with the mac-adress)

Then do a show arp table:
>arp - a

You get a list off mac adresses with their Ipadres
So you get your mac address of your gateway.