TTN gateway for LoRa server

Hi, Recently we purchased a TTN gateway ( to configure it into our LoRa sever. Could you give the procedure to connect to LoRa server?

I assume that you mean TTN ?

Hi BoRRoZ,
Thanks much for the prompt response.
I am sorry. Its The Things Gateway. I need to configure it with the LoRa server ( .

I see, then you must ask this on their forum I think.

I need to change the IP address, Router IP (Network gateway address) and the server IP address. Whenever we purchase a gateway, we will be getting the procedures (manuals or datasheets) to configure according to our requirement. But in this The Things gateway, I could find any datasheet or manuals to change the settings.

you can’t as far as I know ,… activation online is very easy on The Things Network.