TTN gateway, Tektelic Kona Micro Lite


Can someone help me create a proper customer_conf.json file. I have a Tektelic Kona Micro Lite gateway that want connect to TTN. i have registered my gateway in TTN but it says “not connected”, the firmware and the lorawan_conf.json is downloaded to the GW. Im almost sure the problem is customer_conf. I would appreciate some help.

The Tektelic support is poor and there is no manual for the Kona Micro Lite GW.


Written targetting the Kona Micro vs Kona Micro Lite so I dont know if this tutorial (adjusted for which ever region/freq plan you need to operate under) would help or be applicable?

Have just picked up a Kona Micro and looking at this as an option under .eu. vs faffing with registering to access docs and visual s/w as author says :wink: (I may try both options to gain experience the alternate ways)

Thank you, I will try this.

What firmware have you loaded to it? I banged on the Semtech in the end (legacy) - works perfectly.

This doesnt look like my gateway. There is nothing like config.json, my Micro Lite wants files like “custom_conf.json”

“Kona Micro Lite” is a new name of “Kona Pico”.

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They renamed Kona Pico to Kona Micro Lite and that created some mess.

Should be something like this:

If you’re not in EU, replace “” with proper router name.

Same here! Did you use the Windows app to set it up?

No, the KonaFT doesnt work on Micro Lite.

Thank you Hobo, I think this is correct. But i dont understand which password it is. And how can the Micro gateway connect to the gateway in my TTN-account? I guess its using the Gateway ID.


Ha! That’ll be the problem then :grinning:

tftp is pretty good though, but really they ought to make this clearer in the docs.

The gateway is up and running. Thanks for your support.

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