TTN Graz, Austria

(Madc) #1

We have been building up infrastructure and using TTN for half a year now. Currently we’re running three gateways in the city and planning to further expand coverage over the next of months. Now we thought it might be a good moment to support the community that has helped us so much and start a local community.

I’ve been writing about our background, especially the Dustmap project in our first community post. If you live somewhere in the area or are interested in our work with air pollution sensor, just ping me. We also have a official team e-mail address and a slack team.

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(Dmth) #3

Hi Matthias, that’s an interesting topic, maybe you’d like to join forces with the team of ? Their Map already shows some AirQuality Measurements in Graz.

In Münster, at least one of the SenseBoxes data is already transported with LoRaWAN (IIRC it’s this one:


(Madc) #4

Hey Dustin, are you involved with opensense map?
We know the project, but did not yet have direct contact, but i’m sure it would be interesting.

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(Dmth) #5

I’m not involved in the project, but the opensensemap team and I are working together on a different project. I can forward this thread to them, if you like.

(Madc) #6

Sure, please do.