TTN Groningen

Hi, Can someone tell us how it is with the ambitions of Groningen to be the first province TTN to be operational ? Are all gateways delivered and installed and who is the contact person? thanks

Has Groningen stopped?

No; it’s quite active if I peek at the meetups scheduled according to

(But to get proper answers, please change the subject of this very topic.)

We (The Groningen community) are very much alive. A meetup once a month (except this month because of summer holidays). Deployment of the gateways the provincie bought is delayed due to circumstances. Current gateways are the result of companies and private persons deploying them.

Why do you ask?

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my guess: product plugging :sunglasses:

Hi just asked because brabant also wants to deploy a network and now i can tell about how it works in Groningen.

I think Drenthe is a better example. Keep in mind the community involvement in deployment of the government gateways is minimal.
Another factor is the stability of the TTN gateways. Not good to have them deployed at inaccessible locations at this point in time (imho)

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So true Jac …

But there are plenty of people active ;

That is a different meetup looking at Domotica, not LoRaWAN/TTN.


Temporary TTIG up & running for next approx 18hrs near A28 jn 38 Haren/Paterswold for anyone passing who wants to test coverage. Approx 15m above local ground level. indoor on elevation away from the motorway. :slight_smile:

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