TTN In Orlando

I’m pleased to announce the initiation of the Orlando, FL TTN community. We currently have 1 gateway registered and more to come with the help of the community.

If you’re interested in joining the TTN Orlando community please reply here so that we can use this forum as a means of open communication.

I plan on taking this initiative into full swing next year. I’m looking for community members to contribute to this effort as well as other initiators that might be able to provide feedback on how their community has grown.

I look forward to making Orlando, FL TTN friendly!



Hello Bryan,

I’ve been watching and learning about LoRaWan and The Things Network. I’m interested and considering operating a gateway if it is simple and useful.

It seems Orlando needs several more to join.

Count me in on the informational updates. I’m willing to operate hardware if it makes sense and increases network access in central south Orlando. We are near the Orange Avenue and Gatlin area.

Marc Compere


Hello Marc,

I’ll definitely reach out to you via email. I’ve been working on getting support from certain vendors so that we can better educate the community and send people off into the community with some guidance and especially hardware.

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm because we need it!


Hey, I just pulled the trigger on a gateway for my house. Downtown Orlando should soon have coverage. That should also get us our requisite two gateways that we need to become an official community. Can I get an invite to the slack? Does anyone use the slack?

I’m interested in driving city-wide coverage. I’m going to be talking to the VP of the Orlando Science Center about how useful this would be. I should be able to have them at minimum allow an installation 5+ stories up at Princeton and I4, and at best cover the cost for equipment. I’d love to see how many other places would agree to a professional installation and then crowdfund it if it looks likely that we could get city-wide coverage.

Strike that. I thought the one in Lake Nona that @bryansmith has would count as one. Not sure why it’s not. Bryan, I’m halfway through your bsides video and incredibly excited about this tech. Also, did you ever follow up with Marc above? That would be an amazing area to get coverage in.

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Hello @pockybum522 I sent Marc a few emails but I got nothing back.

I’ve got two gateways here. One is completely homebrew and the other is a Laird gateway but it is having issues that may be due to my ISP.

What gateway did you purchase? I’ll send you a private message so that we can get into the nitty gritty of what you’ve outlined above with the Science Center. That sounds pretty awesome.

Awesome! I got a TTN gateway for low upfront cost and ease of installation. Looking at outdoor 915mhz antenna options and lightning arresters now.

I’m not 100% sure I can DM yet. Maybe a forum restriction for newbies?

Feel free to email me @ pockybum522 @ gmail

Gotcha…I can pm you and you can respond until the restriction is lifted.


What’s the status on this? I need emails or some other way to communicate about LoraWan gateways in Orlando FL.

comperem @ gmail