TTN in Provincia di CUNEO, Italy

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to announce the new TTN community in Provincia di Cuneo, North-West of Italy.

We are ready to extend the LORAWAN coverage to all the area, using our powerful wireless network infrastructure already in place.

For any suggestion and collaboration projects, please join our community

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Congratulations! You are ambitious.

You have a pretty header image. Can you tell us how you formatted (height and width) your picture so that we could improve our own.

What about the color scheme does the header on the community page conform to the original picture. Thanks in advance.

Hi pdonner,

the header image has the following size: 1170 × 490 and did not require any modification before being uploaded to community website.
Do you really enjoy it? :slight_smile:


Hi @isiline I changed the resolution according to your example. Now the details are being reproduced in a much better way: Cf. our community page The nuances are, however, corrupted by the site machinery. I have the impression that your image might be much darker than the original. Am I right or wrong?

Yes, you’re right.
The original image should be darker than the final result you expect.