TTN Lorca, Spain

(Franco87) #1

Hey! we are planning to deploy a TTN network in Lorca, Murcia. If you are interested contact us and we could meet.

Hola!! Estamos planeando desplegar gateways LoRa para integrarlos en la red TTN. Si estás interesado o tienes curiosidad contáctanos.


but maybe that one is 'sleeping ?

(Franco87) #3

you right but I can’t contact with anybody


We will follow up shortly to hand over the community to you.

(Franco87) #5

Thank you!


and maybe contact

(Franco87) #7

Contacted. Thanks!

(Rish) #8

HI @franco87, you are now part of the core team in Murcia.

(Franco87) #9

That’s great! thank you so much



welcome !