TTN Markt Schwaben, Germany


We just start a community for Markt Schwaben (near Munich) in Germany and we are looking for people who want to join the community and build the TTN Community. If you are interested in technology, IoT or just playing aroundwith sensors or things like that, join us on my mission.

Let’s build together a network for IoT in Markt Schwaben.

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Hallo Ralf,
mein Name ist Ralph Burgey und wohne in Anzing.
Ich interessiere mich schon seit einiger Zeit für LoRaWAN und habe mir nun bei ELV eine “LoRis-Base” und einen Temperatur-Sensor gekauft und die Base im TTS registriert. Leider ist die Entfernung zu Euren Gateways zu weit, daher kann ich mich an keinem Gateway registrieren.
Ich würde mir auch gerne selbst einen geeigneten Gateway zulegen, bin dabei aber auf Hilfe angewiesen, um nicht viel Geld für ungeeignete Hardware auszugeben. Daher wäre meine Bitte, ob wir uns nicht mal austauschen könnten um ein weiteres Vorgehen mit Eurer Community zu besprechen.

Danke und Gruß

I know this is a German Community, but as you will see from 99.99% of posts here, this is, by consensus, an English language only forum.

Dual posts are OK if you want to add a Google Translate underneath.

A gateway choice is discussed many times on the forum - so searching will help - as would asking in the main area, gateways are universal devices, not specific to a community.

Please do not post e-mail addresses on the forum. I’ve removed hopefully in time to prevent it being harvested by a SPAM bot.

The forum allows for private responses and you can set it to notify you of any activity so there is no need for email addresses.

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Hello Ralf,
my name is Ralph Burgey and I live in Anzing.
I have been interested in LoRaWAN for some time and have now bought a “LoRis-Base” and a temperature sensor from ELV and registered the base in the TTS. Unfortunately the distance to your gateways is too far, so I can’t register at any gateway.
I would also like to buy a suitable gateway myself, but I am dependent on help in order not to spend a lot of money on unsuitable hardware. Therefore I would like to ask you if we could exchange ideas to discuss a further procedure with your community.

@RalfEs hasn’t been on the forum for a while. You are best of looking at the generic recommendations for gateways - thread on this in the last few days - basically a TTIG or Dragino LPS8 for indoor use. The Dragino can have an external antenna once you’ve got started. Both are low cost, compliant devices that many of us use.