TTN stack V3 device registration

I managed to set up the TTN Stack V3 following the Getting Started guide. I used this docker-compose.yml as a template. This is my status page:


It seems, most things went ok so far and it is the latest version of the stack. I have one gateway installed that show some traffic via UDP. I can set up an application and link to the network-server. I can register devices following this guide. But I see no traffic on the devices.

The devices and the gateway have been running on TTN before, so there is no general issure. But I was unsure about some details:

For my devices, I have a DEV_EUI, an APP_EUI and an APP_KEY, that have been used on TTN.

When I register a device in V3, I´m unsure about the right values.

I need to set:

MAC-Version (V1.0.3)???
PHY-Version (Phy V1.0.3 REV A)???
Frequency plan (Europe 863-870), but what´s the difference, there is one marked with TTN

Join-EUI (Same as APP-EUI??)
DEV_EUI (ok)
Join-Server (localhost)
App-Key (Same App-Key as used before?)

Now I can create the device, but get no data. In the gateway traffic I see:


On the console log I see this messages:

stack_1 | INFO Finished unary call duration=1.201101746s
error=error:pkg/networkserver:device_not_found (device not found)
error_correlation_id=8b36cb6844e442229158e88ac9592b42 error_name=device_not_found
error_namespace=pkg/networkserver grpc_code=NotFound grpc_method=HandleUplink grpc_service=ttn.lorawan.v3.GsNs namespace=grpc request_id=01DSV8NTZ410GFR299Q2W09P0F

Any Idea, what went wrong?

From the internal gateway logs it seems that messages are not acknowledged. And the Test-device is not joined to the network.


During tests I found, I cannot login to the comman line interface. Trying to log in I get a browser message:

Secure connection Failed
An error occurred during a connection to localhost:8885. Peer reports it experienced an internal error. Error code: SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT.

On the command line I get some errors too:

application_uid=ttn-loranode01 error=error:unknown:unknown (transport: cannot send secure credentials on an insecure connection) namespace=applicationserver

So it seems, there is some thing wrong with the ssl/tls-setup, but no idea, what.

No help at all? Can anyone post a working docker-compose.yml following the “getting started” example? Possibly I have only a typo somewhre

Here’s the script that I use to deploy test instances. Maybe that helps.

That depends on the firmware of your end device. If you’re not sure, try v1.0.2, because that’s the version that TTN’s public community network uses.

The “Europe 863-870 MHz” is the basic channel plan defined by the Regional Parameters specification of the LoRa Alliance. The “Europe 863-870 MHz (TTN)” is The Things Network’s adaptation of that channel plan, with 5 additional channels and an alternative RX2 data rate.

We’re redesigning the end device forms to make this more clear (this issue on Github).

Sounds like you need to change a config setting from localhost to

I don’t know and I also can’t really help you with your end devices.

So, can I just reuse old TTN OTAA keys for my device and app with the new TTN Stack V3 ?

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