TTN Thatcham, UK


We are hosting an event on 8th August, 7pm at NADHack, The Workshop, The Moors, Thatcham RG19 3AZ.

Come along to learn how The Things Network ([]) a worldwide community driven, free to use wireless network and LoRa (Long Range, low power) based sensor devices can be used in Thatcham and surrounding areas.
We have had a small community network in Thatcham for over 2 years ([]) and is now time to become an officially recognised community.

Discover how The Things Network and LoRa devices are being used elsewhere for river level monitoring, agriculture, irrigation and smart city solutions.

This event is open to all who are interested in getting an understanding of this technology and are interested in finding out how it can be used to help solve local problems.

Thatcham Community Innitiator


bumping this, if you’re local (Newbury, Reading, Oxford, Basingstoke) and interested in learning more about how TTN can be used locally, please come along on Wednesday 8th August at 7pm.



A big thank you to everyone who turned up to the meetup last night including those from other nearby TTN communities.

Let’s go build this thing!


(Mikethebee) #4

And a return thank you to Andrew for arranging the event. I had been trying to get along to visit NADHack on their open Thursdays for since they opened and this was my chance. It is a great space and friendly members.

There were some great questions asked, and it was very interesting to see commercial sensors developed by Andrew; his passion for the topic of his work is impressive and the hackspace members can really benefit.

Great to see local reps taking an interest in TTN, Mark Stanley’s approach to spreading TTN by building connections with local authorities, schools, and community groups is true in Thatcham too.

I was asked about helping with TTNing a project started by a church clock caretaker (which revealed another closet church clock caretaker in the audience). A learning from the discussion was that even when wifi and power are readily available the attraction of LPWAN is simple workflow and open product availability.


(Jeff Uk) #5

@mikethebee1 @andrewl @mark-stanley Thanks for hosting and for an informative exchange of ideas, information and history :slight_smile: