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We want to show that small towns can be Smart Cities too!

There is evidence that Thatcham and surrounding areas have been occupied since prehistoric times, leading to it being listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the strongest claim to being the oldest continuously inhabited place in Britain. We want to continue this pioneering spirit and bring the area into the 21st Century by developing ...

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Best LoRaWAN Sensor devevelopment shield

Our main sponsor has produced one of the best and easiest to use LoRaWAN sensor development shields. This is based on the Microchip RN2483, it incl...

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Portable CO2 sensor

Our partner Thing Innovations are developing a number of air quality monitoring devices. The first of these is a portable CO2 monitor with GPS. Thi...

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Join the community

Do you want to help grow the Thatcham TTN community? Build and deploy sensors using out gateway (and future gateways)?

Join the community and find ...

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Occupancy sensor

The LoRa Occupancy sensor from Thing Innovations has been developed on the multi-use sensor platform ENV-Board, developed in collaboration with Her...

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Water Quality monitoring

Our partner Thing Innovations has developed, in partnership with a multi-purpose sensor platform based on the MultiTech mDot LoRaWAN mod...

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New multi-function sensor p...

Thing Innovations recently spent a few days on the island of Martha's Vineyard working with Herelab on the design of a new LoRaWAN sensor platform....

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Long distance development

Our community initiator, Andrew, spent some time in the USA in April looking at a number of LoRa projects that can be directly usable on The Things...

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Community Illumination

We recently had a community sign created that is illuminated with a series of RGB LEDs.

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LoRa Button

Do you need a big button that you can just hit to do that one thing you always want doing? Order Pizza? Turn off all the lights? Change TV channel?...

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Shed Sensor deployed

A new sensor has been deployed in a shed owned by our community member Justin. The sensor is based on the MultiTech mDot module and a DHT22 tempera...

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RN2483 Breakout PCBs

Prior to developing the LoRaWAN Pi board, a breakout PCB for the Microchip RN2483 was developed to allow quick and easy prototyping of devices usin...

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Pi-Zero node

With the release of the new Raspberry Pi Zero, this was a perfect opportunity to produce an add on board to allow these new Pi Zeros to be connecte...

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First community meetup

The evening of Thursday 19th November saw the first meeting of the Thatcham TTN community where future plans and ideas were discussed. Further meet...

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Sensor Development #2

The second sensor uses the MultiTech systems mDot LoRa module. This includes the LoRa transceiver chip and microcontroller on a small Xbee compatib...

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Sensor Development #1

One of the first sensors being tested is built using a Teensy LC Arduino compatible module and a HopeRF RFM92W LoRa transceiver module. This is cur...

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First Gateway Installed

The first LoRaWAN gateway in Thatcham was installed in August 2015 and has only recently joined The Things Network. The gateway is a MultiTech Cond...

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Guillain is now part of Thatcham community

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There is a new meetup from community nearby (Oxford)

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Andrew Lindsay posted an update in The Things Network Thatcham: "Best LoRaWAN Sensor devevelopment shield"

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19 Sep
Range testing in Thatcham again. Successful join to #LoRaWAN network from railway station footbridge.
twitter image
23 Aug
Also comparing different antennas for nodes.
twitter image
23 Aug
We've been out and about doing testing. Anyone fancy putting nodes up on the common? 3km to gateway.
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8 Aug
We've been out and about range testing the new gateway antenna. Max distance over 3km. More testing soon.
twitter image
5 Aug
Our new antenna has been installed. Early indications show improved performance. Next range testing.

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