TTN to TTI routing

it was mentioned in this topic

that there is some forwarding of traffic from TTN to TTI.
Is this still the case?
Does anything special need to be configured either in TTN, gateway (using TTIG) or in TTI for this to work?

I expect there will be more information on this subject available next week at the TTN conference. So you might have to wait a few days…

Yes I have two gateways one TTI & one TTN
uplinks from TTN are routed via Pack Broker to TTI
you don’t have to do anything it’s just happens :slight_smile:

Would that work for network joins as well?

Good question I will have to check that and get back to you.

Gateways on V2 (the community network) will work fine with V3 applications (TTI & TTN new) including joins, downlinks etc . The reverse does not work.

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