TTN uplink node Node-Red connected but not working

Hello. I’m developing an application using node-red-contrib-ttn to collect the data sent to the TTN server using an uplink node to plot the data in graphics. This was working fine until 2 days ago and now it suddenly stopped working. As you can see on the image attached, the node shows “Connected” status, and I am receiving the messages fine in the TTN console. The debug node shows nothing on the node-red console.

Anyone facing a similar issue or have a solution for this? Thank you very much.


This is verly likely because we had to disable uplink fields on MQTT because those were causing a lot of trouble. We intend to re-enable them when we have found a solution for the underlying problem, but that may take some time.

To work around this, you can empty the “Field” of your “ttn uplink” node, and use a function to select the fields you want from of the object that you will then get out of the “ttn uplink” node.


Thank you very much for the quick response. I will try this.

Hello @jvperoni - I have the same issue here - did you get around that with the object? can you give an explanation?

thank you!


Hello @limago, I made it work using a split node to separate the messages and a switch node to select the topic I wanted on the right order to plot the graphs. Maybe this is not the easiest way to do it but worked for me.