Ttnctl devices export ... | ttn-lw-cli end-devices create ... fails to parse RxDelay from the JSON

I got this command from the ttnctl help messages.

ttnctl devices export --app-id dt_test_app --app-eui 70B3D57ED002C9A9 --handler-id meshed-handler --frequency-plan-id AS_923_925_TTN_AU pumpctrl-m0 | ttn-lw-cli end-devices create --application-id dt-test-app3
  INFO Using Application                        AppEUI=70B3D57ED002C9A9 AppID=dt_test_app
  INFO Discovering Handler...                   Handler=meshed-handler
  INFO Connecting with Handler...     
error:pkg/ttnpb:parse (could not parse `{"value":"RX_DELAY_1"}` into `RxDelay`)
--- strconv.ParseInt: parsing "{\"value\":\"RX_DELAY_1\"}": invalid syntax

Given our devices are OTAA and the v3 stack is going to tell them to use a 5 second delay, can I just remove that bit of JSON? And should I?

Regards, David.

You should use the migration tool:

Thanks Nick.

It took a few goes but I got a dry run of a device export to go.

The command as given on the page doesn’t work, and the command to export all devices from an app didn’t work either. That’s with v0.6.0 of the migrate command.

I used the feedback note on the page to flag these problems.

Regards, David.