Ttnmapper: my gateway not shown in ttnmapper app


trying to map TTN coverage in my area I got a TTN node which sends messages with empty payload. At the same time I run the ttnmapper app on my phone.

In the app, LoRdrive mode (“show gateways and signal paths on the map”) is activated. My gateway is visible and correctly on the and “blue”. However it is not shown in the app.

During mapping, the “dots” are connected to the gateways with signal reception. They are never connected do my gateway, Other gateways in my region work as expected. If a signal is received only by my gateway, location of the dot on the applications map are in correct color and location, however there is no line drawn to any gateway.

Might be the same issue as TTNmapper, not showing my gateways in app and TTNmapper problem

Any ideas why my gateway might behave like this in the app but not on the ttnmapper website?



If I look up my devices data on the ttnmapper website the dots are connected to my gateway - so there is proper reception.

@niehaus it looks like exactly the same problem as I had. I never did manage to resolve it, though. I didn’t do any more mapping on my own gateway for some time, so I wouldn’t know if the problem still persists.