TTS CE Scheduled Maintenance - Monday 21st Jun

Note this is scheduled for coming Monday - a highlight much anticipated by all is the potential, if all goes well, to start claiming TTIG’s under V3/TTS(CE) :slight_smile:

Scheduled Maintenance

Upgrade to The Things Network v3.13.2 Jun 21, 10:00-12:00 CEST

During this maintenance window we will upgrade The Things Network v3.13.2

We do not expect noticeable downtime during this deployment.

Here is the changelog since the current version v3.13.1:


  • Support claiming of The Things Indoor Gateways.
  • Configurable log formats with the log.format configuration option.
  • The console format that prints logs as more human-friendly text. This is the new default.
  • The json format that prints logs as JSON. This is the recommended format for production deployments.
  • The old format (deprecated). This can be used if you need to adapt your log analysis tooling before v3.14.
  • ttn_lw_gs_ns_uplink_latency_seconds, ttn_lw_ns_as_uplink_latency_seconds and ttn_lw_gtw_as_uplink_latency_seconds metrics to track latency of uplink processing.
  • Signing of releases.
  • Hard delete option to delete applications, gateways and organizations in the Console.


  • Relaxed the cookie policy for cross-origin requests from Strict to Lax.
  • Changed the cookie policy for OAuth state to None.


  • The old log format is deprecated and will be removed in v3.14.


  • Incorrect Storage Integration API URL in Console.
  • Permissions issue for reading and writing gateway secrets in the Console.
  • Current and future rights selection for organization collaborators in the Console.
  • Current and future rights selection for user api keys in the Console.
  • Low or no throughput of message handling from Packet Broker when the ingress is high when Packet Broker Agent starts.
  • Unset ADR bit in downlink messages to multicast devices.
    Posted on Jun 18, 10:15 CEST

@johan @htdvisser

What about the promised support for creating DevEUI when adding a new device?
I don’t see it listed above.

Please subscribe to Issue DevEUI from range with maximum per application · Issue #3750 · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub

v3.13.2 is released a week earlier than planned, so this didn’t make it. We added a new planned version, v3.13.3 and expect Console support for this.

This feature is already available in the CLI, it’s just pending Console support.


Hello all,

My gateway was moved to community EU v3 10 days ago & working ok until today. The console now shows last activity as 12hrs ago with no ‘live data’ activity. I’ve restarted the RAK7243 & the service on the RPi reports it as active & running.

Any idea if this issue is related to the ongoing maintenance or something else?


Disregard please, deselected a setting (Require authenticated connection) & its working now.