UART communication problems with RN2483A

i am using the RN2483A module (firmware vers. 1.0.5) with an STM32 microcontroller. Until now all works fine with the communication over UART interface, but now I want to implement a status check with command mac get status, the UART-RX interface of my microcontroller doesn’t work anymore or I would better say that the UART-RX interrupt is not triggered.

The cause of the problem must somehow be related to the sleep/wakeup of the RN2483A module because it works perfectly when I don’t put the module into sleep mode.

These are the steps in my code:
1.) RN2483_reset(); // response is the firmware version
2.) mac_get_status(); // response 00000000
3.) joinOTAA(); // response 1. OK, 2. after a few seconds accepted
4.) RN2483_sleep();
5.) RN2483_wakeUp(); // response ok
6.) wait 200ms
7.) mac_get_status(); // response 00000810 but no UART RX-Interrupt was triggered
…here I got the correct response from the module -> see the scope image
8.) Transmitte some data wit mac tx uncnf 1 xxxxx // works fine
9.) RN2483_sleep(); // repeat from point 4

Has someone an idea where the failure could be here?


Signals during wake-up:

Problem solved!

During changing the baud rate for wake up event i forgot after reinitialization of UART:

HAL_UART_Receive_IT(&huart2, rxData, 1); // receive 1 byte in interrupt mode