V2 Console Appears To Have Stopped Showing GW Location Information

It looks like there is an issue where the V2 Console view of Gateways has a problem showing the location information either in the Overview or The Settings-> Location tab, making it impossible to check/change location information. This does not (yet) appear to have rippled through to e.g. community maps which seem to still show locations, but ofcourse cant be changed from there.

Will post alert to Slack #ops channel

I did note a little detail I dont recall seeing before (in red) so wondering if TTI/TNN/TTNMapper has now broken something! :wink:



Have tried a couple of browsers and refreshed pages but no joy…o

Thanks for raising this issue. Just looked into it and made some changes that should fix the issue.

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Any chance you can reboot @Jeff-UK, his work queue has stalled and he’s diverted his resources in to a geographical spin-lock rather than console data feed testing.


Thanks Hylke, all looks good again now

Nick, doubt Hylke could reboot me as I’m not (yet!) network connected and most of my programming and learning and environmental responses can be updated by simply restarting the associated process/thread without needing either a cold or warm reboot. Not willing to try 1st option and even 2nd sounds scary and to be avoided, not least as unsure how I would respond to a defrib shock! My work Q not stalled just very congested, with the scheduler maxed out, and though historically Intel related I never got my hyperthreading upgrade… data feed testing completed Friday & Sat nights but task scheduler hasnt yet rolled out the results print job - there was a client interrupt at high level yesterday saying ‘Oi Jeff where’s my GW gone? We want to change hill to remap farm coverage but cant access location’ hence diversion… :wink:

Kernel panic over now in process recovery mode! :slight_smile:

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