V2 evolution proposal to facilitate device migration

When migrating a device you prepare your migration by creating a new device in V3. Usually you want to control the time to make the switch and for making this switch you currently need to delete the device in v2.
By doing the deletion you have to possible roll-back and if you made a mistake during the v2 to v3 credential copy and paste, you have a risk to loose them forever. The consequence is a need to go back on field and reconfigure the device.
It would be great to be able to deactivate a device in V2 and being able to reactivate it. That way we could make the configuration. Then deactivate it on v2 and if any problem happen, reactivate it in v2 during the time to fix the migration issue.
There is also another reason for this: when you have a device with an auto rejoin in case of disconnection, the session will be kept active until you delete the device. So you need to delete it with the previous seen impact, there is no other way as much as a know to disconnect a device. A button to clear the current session would help to make a migration planning and force a reconnection. that way, the device credentials in v2 could be modified for keeping them or the use of the previously described switch could be effiient.