V2 storage integration are down

Storage integration V2 dindn´t work since 14,30 H … the API still returns an error

We have the same issue, first errors came in around 15:10 CET…

Same here !!! What’s happen ?

Same here! MQTT still works.

Can you be more specific.

I can see that Data Storage isn’t working but HTTP & MQTT are online.

Now only Data storage is offline But it appears on line

That’s a bit too Schrodinger’s Cat for me - what makes it appear online to you?

the storage integration —> status Running
But is stopped

Sorry for me (we) but still doesn’t work ! What’s up ? And why https://status.thethings.network/ doesn’t report any issue ? the istance “nameapplication”.thethingsnetwork.org respond on http but not https (I mean … a standard “Welcome to nginx!” message)

Same for us. the data storage Integration appears as running but it is unreachable…

Can confirm this. The Data Storage “go to platform” link is redirecting to an address that is offline. In my case: https://lumanet_lsn50_1.data.thethingsnetwork.org/ is not reachable. It was working till this afternoon.

FWIW over last 2hrs prompted by the posts have been checking on a random selection of 6-10 sensors on Cayenne and see no problems and no obvious missing data, so at least that integration is working suggesting thread title & post is a slight case of hyperbole? :wink: had you checked all integrations?

For us the problem lies in scheduling downlinks as shown by the reported error:

cURL error 7: Failed to connect to [integrations.thethingsnetwork.org](http://integrations.thethingsnetwork.org/) port 443: Connection refused

and http integration ? Down ?
Datastorage for me is still down…

In our case the problem started around 12:40AM (UTC+00:00) today, when all the integrations in my console seem to disappear. They reappeared near 4:00PM (UTC+00:00), but the data storage seems to be unreachable until now (even though it keeps on showing its running). I haven’t tested the other integrations.

Today, my Data Storage integration (apptestte*****[dot]data[dot]thethingsnetwork[dot]org) isn’t accessible, and I don’t know why. Says: Connection refused…

Yes, we know, please don’t cross post

And please do not delete posts that make nonsense of the next post.

Ok, thanks.

Sorry, just to correct myself. It started around 12:40PM (UTC+00:00).

I have the same problem, HTTP integration return: Connection refused.