V2 to V3, gateway keeps status "disconnected"?

Hi, started the migration to V3 this morning because of the yellow bannen information.

Succesfully logged in to the V3 environment and indeed no gateways. So I added the gateway with the EUI-ID from my V2 console page.

The gateway shows up as “Disconnected” and no live data shows. but in the V2 console it still runs fine.

I assume I can have the gateway registered in both V2 and V3, is that right ?

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Only gateways that use UDP can be connected to both V2 and V3 at the same time.

I would keep any other gateway on V2 unless you have migrated all applications that use these gateways. Otherwise, I would keep non-UDP gateways on V2 until further notice.

Hi Remko,
I’m new in the loraWAN environment, i have a bit of a mess.
I have the same problem that pe2bz had on january 30th.
I recently bougth a TTIG-868 gateway. I registered it in the v2 platform, and I also registered three devices with an ABP confirmation method. I saw some traffic in the gateway section, but obviously, what I saw were the physical payload, without decodification. I couldn’t see those messages in the application live data section, nor the physical payload, nor the decoded message.
Then, I try to upgrade to the v3 platform. I don’t succed. Neither mantaining the gateway registered in both v2/v3, nor deleting from v2.
The gateway is allways shown as disconnected.
Then, I am basically assailed by two doubts. Can the TTIG-868 be registered on the v3 platform? How do I know if the TTIG-868 uses UDP?
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Any help would be appreciated.
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Jaume Cañas

Search for the forum with “TTIG v3”

Spoiler alert - it’s not supported yet.

Google? Read the specs?

Spoiler alert - it doesn’t.

TTIG should stay registered and connected on V2 until further notice. not a satisfying answer but that what it is for now.

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OK, thank you very much

I have same problem with Multitech MTDCD, that is deleted in V2 and applied in V3, it keeps Disconnected, and there is no activity.
EUI is correct so Why is that?

For the Multitech gateway I manage, which uses the “old” UDP forwarder, I needed to change two things:

  1. Register the gateway with the same EUI at the TTN v3 console.
  2. Configure the gateway itself, so it no longer forwards data to the old server, but to the new one, for example “eu1.cloud.thethings.network”. This means logging into the gateway using SSH, edit some files, save and reboot.

If you have a similar setup, I guess you have done only step 1 and still need to do step 2.
What forwarder are you using?

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Hi Bertik,
Could we connect on teams, i am not very experienced in the Gateway configuration?

I did register in the V3 console
could you point out for me the files that should be edited, and where they are located ( in which directory) thanks i.a.

The relevant files are local_conf.json and global_conf.json.
I can’t remember the exact path to these on the device, possibly in a sub-directory of /etc/ or /var

One of these files contains a server address, the new address should become:


(eu1 may be different depending on your region)

The files are located in /var/config/lora.
global_conf.json are edited to eu1.cloud.thethings.networ, 1700, 1700
Local_conf.json are edited as well, but there is absolutely nothing i can do to get the GW connected.

has the server gateway key anything to do with the lack of connection?

No, I don’t think it is relevant if you are using the UDP forwarder. At least I didn’t set up / copy any key to the gateway config file. Just needed a reboot to restart the gateway service.

my firmware on the Multitec is 3.xxx is a higher firmware needed.
I have a message “TTN_global_conf.json disabled in etc/default” when i reboot, but no file with that name in default? should i try to create that file?