V2 to V3, gateway keeps status "disconnected"?

Hi, started the migration to V3 this morning because of the yellow bannen information.

Succesfully logged in to the V3 environment and indeed no gateways. So I added the gateway with the EUI-ID from my V2 console page.

The gateway shows up as “Disconnected” and no live data shows. but in the V2 console it still runs fine.

I assume I can have the gateway registered in both V2 and V3, is that right ?

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Only gateways that use UDP can be connected to both V2 and V3 at the same time.

I would keep any other gateway on V2 unless you have migrated all applications that use these gateways. Otherwise, I would keep non-UDP gateways on V2 until further notice.

Hi Remko,
I’m new in the loraWAN environment, i have a bit of a mess.
I have the same problem that pe2bz had on january 30th.
I recently bougth a TTIG-868 gateway. I registered it in the v2 platform, and I also registered three devices with an ABP confirmation method. I saw some traffic in the gateway section, but obviously, what I saw were the physical payload, without decodification. I couldn’t see those messages in the application live data section, nor the physical payload, nor the decoded message.
Then, I try to upgrade to the v3 platform. I don’t succed. Neither mantaining the gateway registered in both v2/v3, nor deleting from v2.
The gateway is allways shown as disconnected.
Then, I am basically assailed by two doubts. Can the TTIG-868 be registered on the v3 platform? How do I know if the TTIG-868 uses UDP?
Thanks in advance,
Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards,
Jaume Cañas

Search for the forum with “TTIG v3”

Spoiler alert - it’s not supported yet.

Google? Read the specs?

Spoiler alert - it doesn’t.

TTIG should stay registered and connected on V2 until further notice. not a satisfying answer but that what it is for now.

OK, thank you very much