V3 API device creation steps

Is there a document that codifies the steps needed to create a device via TTS v3 API

My observations are first Create End Device in Identity Server - Entity Register

1 foo.bar.com/console/api/v3/applications/my-world-app/devices [POST]
Method EndDeviceRegistry.Create

Create end_device in ns/as/js server registries with relevant field masks

2 foo.bar.com/api/v3/ns/applications/my-world-app/devices/my-motion-9b [PUT ns]
Method NsEndDeviceRegistry.Set

3 foo.bar.com/api/v3/as/applications/my-world-app/devices/my-motion-9b [PUT as]
Method AsEndDeviceRegistry.Set

4 foo.bar.com/api/v3/js/applications/my-world-app/devices/my-motion-9b [PUT js]
Method JsEndDeviceRegistry.Set


There is currently (February 2020) no step-by-step guide for using the API, but there’s of course the API reference for the current version (v3.5.3): https://thethingsstack.io/v3.5.3/reference/api/end_device/

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