V3 using MQTT to Downlink from NodeRED

Hi guys,
this is something that has been already discussed in this forum but even with the posts that i found that talks about this, I cannot success to downlink a message using NodeRed with the “MQTT out” node.

I can read data from my sensors with the “MQTT in” node, the configuration of “MQTT out” are quite the same so I guess the problem does not come from the server.

The message that i send is based on this page or this tuto

This is an exemple of the message sent to my MQTT out node :

my function node :

I send it to v3/hubis@ttn/devices/eui-0004a30b00f50d7d/down

I don’t see anything on my terminal node. Note that my node receive data if I use the console

Can you guys see some problem ? I suspect a js problem (as this is not my favorite language)


Using v2 tutorials on a v3 system. The JSON has changed:


It works, thank you so much !

I add the /push at the end of the topic, and changed the Json.
Have a nice day !

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