Vancouver, BC

Anyone in the lower mainland out there?

Yes… I just joined… will see how things evolve in our locale.

Yes, from Langley and Coquitlam.


I would be most interested to know what kind of range people experience to our Port Coquitlam gateway. I’ve been able to reach it from inside a wooden-construction low-rise that’s about 900m away. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to do a proper range test.

Hi everyone, is anyone active in this community? I’m from Vancouver and just joined. I’ve become very interested in IoT, LoRa, and I’m really interested in what The Things Network is doing. Would be interested in connecting with anyone local who shares the same interest. Let me know. Mark

Hi folks, Just across the water in Victoria. Looking to start a community here.

Hello, I have a Laird gateway up and running in Langley City. Is it worth linking in to the Vancouver network?