What is the status of the TTN Gateway?

(Jac Kersing) #197

Farnell order arrived…


1 sold, and now available at discount (if you’re a big spender on Farnell).


So you bought a ‘backer edition’ via farnell?

(Remko) #200

Reading all this words like cheating, deceit, deception come to my mind. @wienkegiezeman what is your comment to this? I am curious to hear the next excuse.

(Verkehrsrot) #201


(Kiwiclan) #202

Cool! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Also a backer edition I see. I wonder what text appears on a non-backer addition?

Was this via Farnell?


It appears Farnell only sells backer editions.

(Remko) #204

How come? what is left of all promises by TTN? vaporised?

(Verkehrsrot) #205

Backer Edition. Backer: Farnell.


No, they just put the wrong address on our gateways :rofl:


The net backer things work edition? :slight_smile:


Just asking again
Has anyone had email confirmation of shipment? (for KS - and not from a Farnell public purchase)

(Remko) #209

No, Not here.

(Remko) #210

a shame: TTN publishes the delivery by Farnell as their own: https://twitter.com/thethingsntwrk/status/938778170186018816


Awesome! Great to see the first gateway in the wild!


Hi Remko, I am expecting a bit more of you. Not responding to this kind of language. I think you well know the situation.

We are working hard to get the highly sponsored backer gateways to your doorstep. Do all the logistics as not being a company experienced at that is not easy. Our friends at Farnell beat us to the market. You might consider also being a bit more positive. And I don’t understand why you are accusing like this. Think of the impact this can make now that everybody can order a gateway and have it with them in 1 day instead of 2 years to expand the network.

(Remko) #213

I will not use the forum to make it personal.

My comment is about another promise to the backers that is broken by TTN.
Backers are promised to receive a special backer-edition gateway that is now for sale commercially.
I hoped that breaking promises by TTN was brought to a hold. Unfortionately that is not the case and that frustrates me.

The backers and volunteers of TTN are the most valuable asset of TTN and should be treated accordingly.
Even with limited resources it is possible to make volenteers feel special by rewarding them. The reward of having a backer-edition-gateway is unfortionately taken from them.


Thanks, but calling us this:

is personal. So expect me also to respond in a similar manner. You can call us unprofessional, not on time, bad at communication, clumsy, amateuristic, etc.

But not those terms. You are crossing a line there.

(Gonzalo Casas) #215

[Moving away from the personal attack mode…]

The ‘backer edition’ print on the device is irrelevant (it’s still the same product, sticker or not) but at the same time, pretty symbolic of the issues this kickstarter has gone through. I want to believe it’s simply a mistake in production and ALL gateways have that printed on them.

It is clear that Farnell has more experience with logistics, but they should have agreed with TTN to hold availability until the shipping of KS products has started.

In any case, I guess the only thing that will calm down the crowd right now is a tracking number. @wienkegiezeman: if you could comment on when could we expect that to happen, that would be a step forward.


(Grahame Horner) #216

guys can anyone help, I’ve not received anything asking to confirm delivery details and inspite of trying to get int touch with TTN I’ve had not reply ? where do you confirm you details can anyone point me in the right direction? or ping anyone at TTN to get in touch with me ? HELP… PLEASE