What is the status of the TTN Gateway?


I received a confirmation of TTN having received my shipping details. Now we wait for more!


Just received a mail from Farnell. They are now accepting orders for the Things uno, node and gateway. And they have stock.

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No see who is faster: Kickstarter or Farnell.


Same here, I have just received a stock notice from Farnell element 14, they have TTN Gateway stock available.

121 UK Stock: Order before 20:00(mainland UK) & 18.00(NI) (for re-reeled items 16:30 – mainland UK & NI) Mon-Fri (excluding National Holidays)
More stock available week commencing 08/01/18


I guess that we’ll see a lot of pins popping up on the map soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Newark also has 124 in stock for the US variant(!)


Kinda a slap in the face for those who ordered early from the TTN website and still have not got a shipment confirmation …


And even more for those who supported the Kickstarter and are now faced with significant price increases after the fact…


On the VAT issue, you might be interested in what @glederer1 has recently written. That summarizes quite well what the situation is. My remark was intended to warn that VAT exemptions and VAT payments/handling are quite accurately tracked by the tax authorities as many cases of VAT fraud have become to their attention. It would not be the first case of an organization collapsing when the VAT bill suddenly is due.
And you are so desperate/good willing/naive (select appropriate) that you want to give away money, never minding that The Things Industries is just another commercial, for-profit company. Perhaps you could donate the money to the people making the software as they are not receiving any?



what do you mean by that , I don’t understand which software ?

another rant from TUE Stijn ?


Just confirmed this on the phone with Farnell (UK).
There is stock of 120 gateways at a UK warehouse available for immediate delivery.
Total cost (includes UK VAT and PP) is £295 to a UK address within 48 hours.

If I wasn’t waiting for a “Early Bird” gateway, I’d be pressing the order button on this.
Sure its annoying to wait, but at least things are starting to move.

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got my UPS tracking# from farnell today, price incl. german vat and postage is 335€.

Will i be the first in Germany getting hands on a TTN gateway, probably until this Friday afternoon? :wink:

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send us a picture after arrival :slight_smile:

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Price in TTN webshop now as low as 280€, “sale”.


Maybe the first world-wide? Let’s hope @wienkegiezeman beats Farnell.

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I hope UPS already rings tomorrow before 12 AM, unfortunately our internal company postal
service need 1 additional day to shift the parcel over 1 floor to my door :hugs:

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Yeah, but still:

If you order here you will be the first after the Kickstarter backers to receive your products. At the moment we are in the certification process of the gateways after which the production will start. Concrete estimates are hard to make as we have to wait the test results. But you can expect it near the end of the year.


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It’s coming closer, as long as there is not a brick in the parcel :grin:


4 sold since launch.

Maybe TTN should have partnered with Farnell to do the logistics?