What is the status of the TTN Gateway?


@wienkegiezeman just getting back to the title of this topic (“What is the status of the TTN gateway?”), I would like to ask you, when do we get the gateways?


Thanks for the on-topic. Question. Hope you have received an email. We sent that out yesterday. If not can you sent a mail to info@thethingsproducts.com


Unfortunately I didn’t get any e-mail from you yesterday. Earlier (21st November) I have got an e-mail about my webshop order for which I sent immediately an answer (to that e-mail address), but I have got no answer yet. I suspect that the answer for my question regarding the delivery date of the gateways is in that e-mail.


Hi @glederer1, just sent you a copy of the email along with the details. Let me know if you received it.


Thanks, I’ve got it!

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Why all the secrecy about delivery times to backers? You will answer this question to the backer but not to the list? There clearly is still something that you are very afraid to tell to the general public regarding delivery of backer gateways. And hey… I’m a big fan of the things network and acknowledge all the huge work and value that is being built for the things infrastructure. I’m just also a big believer in transparency.


Thanks! No secrecy here. The products are now in Hong Kong at our shipment provider. It is not going as fast as we hope it would but everything should ok and it should ship out this week.


Not sure if it works for everyone - but I got the following voucher codes for Farnell - 101 left.
Hopefully they all go soon :slight_smile:

AOVUK3 - 3% OFF up to £150
AOVUK5 - 5% OFF up to £500
AOVUK10 - 10% OFF up to £1000



We are about to sent the tracking codes to all backers in the first batch. Hope we can shortly answer the main question of this topic. Is it vapourware or not? :slight_smile:

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Just arrived on my virtual doorstep: I got my tracking details!

Lets track it to doorstep of my home.

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My order was through the webstore and I have just received tracking information :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m surprised that people are being so critical (and in some cases abusive) about your behaviour. I didn’t invest in the Kickstarter (because it had closed) but bought from the webshop. I could have built my own or bought a commercially available gateway but didn’t because I wanted to support the TTN core team and what you, Johan, the rest of the team and TTN community have achieved. It was also a cool idea.
IMO, you don’t back a kickstarter campaign to make money, should understand the risks before pledging and don’t expect it to work, i.e, backers should have written off their pledge straightaway.
Your video goes some way to explaining your experiences - which should be turned into a longer interview, perhaps using this topic as input; it is a lesson for any start-up or small company developing hardware.
I have personal experience with Chinese manufacturers so I understand getting what you want, when you want it, where you want it, is a challenge in itself. I suspect the biggest learning will have been logistics and supply chain.

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Like earlier messages, the confirmation/tracking code has also been sent using MailChimp (at least, for me). So if receiving the earlier messages was troublesome, the confirmation might have been lost too? I guess you’ll need to contact info@thethingsproducts.com as mentioned several times.

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As backer i friendly ask a simple question here: How big is the first produced batch and how many of them have the “exclusive” backer logo?


Thanks for the question. All backers that only ordered the uno or node already received their order. All backers with gateways in their pledge that confirmed their address will get their gateway somewhere next week and are part of the first batch. All products that have been produced in the current batch have the backer editiion logo.

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(i delete my post. No more oil drops in fire. looking forward.)

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Do you really think the money pledged by the backers was sufficient to develop the gateway and even finance the production? From what I understand TTN had to involve Farnell to get to a batch size where cost for each gateway dropped to a level where they were in a position to produce the gateways at all. And even then they are sponsoring the production of the kickstarter gateways. So not involving Farnell would have meant no gateway IMHO.


Do you really think the money pledged by the backers was sufficient to develop the gateway and even finance the production?

That’s what they said when we backed the project.

The Kickstarter pledges will pay for design, hardware production, software, backend software and shipment, regulation compliance testing, community and customer management and project documentation so you can see what we are up to.

Just follow the initial campaign text and the updates to see why not all backers are happy.
Of course, many Kickstarter projects don’t deliver at all or with even bigger delays. And I think I will be happy when I finally receive my products. But to be surprised that some backers on here are so critical (as SmartEaling wrote), in turn surprises me very much. I still think the project will be a success and the Kickstarter backers will be happy in the end, but very many things went wrong and there’s a lot that could be/have been improved about the communication and “expectation management”.


I got my shipping data confirmed with the information that my order will be shipped as part of the second batch starting next week…great! Finally…


Totally agree with you. Only thing is that expectatuons can only be propperly managed if you actually know what to expect. We choose to be transparent along the process. And so sharing the expectations we had ourselves. And also sharing the disappointment when these were not met.

That said I agree we still can improve on communication.

From our side we do totally expect some backers with little IT or business experience to be disappointed. I only disagree with disrespectfull and abusive responses that were posted in this thread. Including the title of the topic.