What is the status of the TTN Gateway?


We want to do the open sourcing properly. And together with a few other announcements. Basically TTN will provide a full open source LoRaWAN stack from device to gateway to network server and applications server.

As now more stakes are involved we also want this legally done well. We are aiming at doing this before our conference.


I’ve not yet received a tracking number, what gives? Last email was over a week ago.



a “meToo” button would be a good thing for this forum… i have not yet received a tracking number too. Are second batch gateways being shipped now?

(Remko) #292

How about the others? My tracking number at Skynet stopped updating 2 days ago.
Any progress or update?


it should be actually be here :wink:

(Remko) #294

Swiss precision?

(Jac Kersing) #295

I had the same happen with a Skynet shipment a few weeks ago. After a couple of days it updated and the next day the shipment was delivered.


Unfortunately the information I got
telling me that I will get a tracking number and that I SHOULD get my gateway etc. by the end of this week has not shown to be true. Kind of disapointing…


did you contact TTN ?
you have the same location as URSM and he received his GW today

(Martijn13) #298

I have contact ttn. I had ordered the GW to the webshop (not KS). The wil send the GW’s after the KS :(. So i must wait longer. The email that was send about sending the gw in a few days is not real for the webshop orders


Yes - after emailing TTN last week, I got a reply 10 mins later, which seemed like good news
"XXXX here from the team looking into the product distribution side of things. Your order XXX is going to be shipped out next week on Monday and you would receive it at the address below before the end of the week"

I didn’t get a further comms (e.g. “tracking” email), so I emailed again this morning.
Lets see if it turns up tomorrow…

(Remko) #300

Same here, still no update from the carrier.
If it not gets here today it will be next year before I see it. :cry::fearful:


yes… i wrote here what they said. My shipping was based on the second batch GWs they said. I should have received it before URSM because I KS backed it long before him. I wrote to ttn again too…

(Arjan) #302

Same here, but then today December 22nd a new status was added, actually dated back to December 19th:

SkyNet The Netherlands confirmed that my telephone number is actually known to the order already.

TTN writes:

I did call Skynet earlier this morning to find out how many packages have reached NL and how many are still in HK. There are still some stuck at the airport in HK but should be here this weekend.

And meanwhile:


(Only 1998 an hour ago.) :slight_smile:


There should be parts that are not under any legal restrictions. What about opening these up as a first step ?

(Remko) #304

@arjanvanb I was informed by Rish last wednesday evening that my phone number was added. With your information it is now hereby confirmed that I will see the package in 2018 and I am very dissapointed (again).


Same here… stuck on needing a telephone number, which I provided on the 20th of december. No update in status since then… Really waiting in anticipation now!


Same phone number status here too (and I also filled in the form on the 20th). Just called Skynet (Netherlands) and they told me there is a correct phone number associated with the shipping (and that they had multiple calls with the same question).

They could not tell if the shipping is actually on hold or that it is currently being sent to the Netherlands as Skynet NL and Skynet HK are two different entities :-/

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Look what FedEx just delivered(!)

It looks like I will have a fun weekend


Thank you very much for your (continuing) work on the MultiTech installer Jac! It is highly appreciated.