What is the status of the TTN Gateway?


Look what was NOT delivered after 2 years and one month after the KS project had its finance…

No tracking number, no ttn update info, no nothing… sad!


Arjan, I have the same on hold status for my shipment and was wondering if you’ve seen any update to your status since then.

I called Skynet (NL) two days ago but they said the phone number is correct and the only thing they could do from their side was waiting until it would arrive in the Netherlands. Apparently they don’t have any control over what is going on in Hongkong, that is what the lady on the phone told me at least.

(Remko) #311

Same here @brocaar @arjanvanb. The only thing we can do is wait and hope. :frowning:
A couple of days is not significant on 2 years?

(Arjan) #312

No. But then: the December 19th update appeared a few days late too. Maybe it’s closer than the status suggests. Or maybe not.


Indeed, I’d be glad to wait additional weeks, a month or two if, for example, it has been determined that in some small fraction of the devices the Microchip module isn’t properly attached and some last minute quality assurance testing is being done to ensure that the gateways I receive are in optimal working order. That’s particularly true since I’m less experienced and agile than most here and could have difficulty diagnosing and curing any problem.

(Martijn13) #314

Can someone confirm that the webshop orders are send? (2nd batch)

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #315

don’t think so, still waiting for T&T …


Don’t know if it can help, I ordered on the WebShop on July 29th 2016 (Order #716) still no Tracking, so I think all orders have not been processed yet, so don’t worry
Makes me feel amazed while writing, I mean, quick mental calculation result that I ordered and paid on 2016, and will receive on 2018 :wink:


I’m backer #207, and still no tracking :-/

(Remko) #319

Nothing with my tracking code yet


Mine is in transit now

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #321

ordered 17 may 2016 and yet again already one month after address verification … my patience is about to be stretch to the limit before it breaks …


Still nothing positive to post… absolutely no reaction to my last email on Dec. 22 to info@thethingsproducts.com asking about not having received what they promised, not even a tracking number. Ok its holiday season for xmas and new year.
Some material I ordered from aliexpress a few days ago is already on its way according to the tracking number I got.
Hopefully ttn will ship my gateway etc. before the Chinese New Year holiday starts on February 16 for 23 days…

(Grundsch) #323

Sorry for all of you still waiting, Just got mine today…:wink:


Have exactly same status and same dates here…


Me to !

Fingers crossed . :grin:


I think majority of us here just need some status because even I, I’m confused.
People ordered from webshop and have tracking while some KS backers don’t have any tracking number.
How is handled shipping and batches?
Is it possible to have simple information such as (example)
Kickstarer backers, xx% send and yy% remains to send on “approx date” from batch #x
Webshop xx% send/ yy% remains to send on “approx date” for batch #y

(Nestor Ayuso) #327

I think deliveries are on hold status because they are halted at customs because the VAT story

I still have no tracking

(Jose Marcelino) #328

Update just now on my delivery tracking (to UK):

On Hold - Consignee to Pay Charges

Anyone know how much should I expect?

(ps if someone is keeping track I was Kickstarter backer 81)

(Gordon W0run) #329

I also ordered in mid 2016 from the webshop, and have not heard anything after confirming my address recently. I put up my outside antenna in February 2017, so it has had approaching one year in the weather with no signals! At least I know it can stand our Colorado winds (>150km/hr). I am hoping that after the year-end rush of gift deliveries that I will get a late Christmas present!